Let’s talk about Germany immigration and what it has for job seekers

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Let’s see what Germany, the strongest economy in Europe, has to offer to those who are looking for a prosperous career and settlement opportunities in Europe. We will look at why Germany immigration could be a great idea for you.

We will look at the benefits of studying in Germany that leads to opportunities to work in the country. We will also address different aspects commonly enquired about by aspiring migrants, willing to move to Germany.

Why should you choose Germany immigration?

Do you know that despite being an economic behemoth, Germany has an aging native population, an issue that needs to be addressed? Immigration is largely a promising solution to solve the issues that follow the aging factor in the German population. In fact, the population of Germany has been growing through the years and the major part of it has been immigrants.

Today, immigrants are frequently younger than the native German population. Individuals aged between 18 and 40 years are more than double the natives in Germany.

Moreover, there’s another fact that drives growth opportunities, both for Germany and its immigrants. There’s a growing number of immigrants who are better qualified than ever before. There are more international students studying at German universities, seeking a pathway to continue in Germany by landing a job there. They are also trying to eventually become German residents and even citizens.

Moreover, with laws like the Federal Recognition Act, international candidates can get qualifications from their home country recognized by institutions and enterprises in Germany. The Federal Recognition Act applies to 600 occupations.  Hence, a wide range of professionals has the chance to take their qualifications and skills to Germany and build a career there.

How should you go ahead and work in Germany after graduation?

If you are a non-EU/non-EEA national and have a Germany residence permit, you can apply for an extension of the permit for another 18 months. In that period, you can find a job in Germany.

The time taken to find a job in Germany depends on your skills and qualifications. The demand factor for the profession you are into will also determine how long it will take before you can find a job and start your work in Germany.

The aging population of Germans and the need for qualified and skilled overseas workers do increase the chances of getting a job in Germany as a young graduate.

If you obtain a certification from a German university, it will increase your chances of getting a job. A practical level of German language skills can help you expand your chances of employment even while there’s no dearth of English-speaking jobs in Germany.

If you have a job offer from Germany during or after graduation, it can be a great pitch for you to work towards moving to Germany. If not, you can apply for a job seeker visa from your home country that allows you to stay in Germany for up to 6 months to find a job.

Working in Germany as a skilled foreigner

Jobs and apprenticeships are available in German companies. The factors that companies consider while deciding to recruit you to include your professional skills and German language skills among others. Unless you are facing a challenge owing to the current migration laws in Germany, as a qualified non-EU national you have ample opportunities to land a job in Germany.

As of now, there are over 500,000 job vacancies in Germany. It’s estimated that the German job market requires about 100,000 non-EU immigrants every year to keep a healthy status.

In the coming days, the requirement for younger skilled immigrants will create a sizeable scope for international candidates to move to Germany. Also, the increased application of new technologies in industries will open unprecedented opportunities for the tech-skilled younger immigrants. They will increasingly migrate to Germany as professionals.

So, the bottom line is that if you are ready to hunt for your opportunities to shine as a professional in Germany, there’s no better time to do so than now!

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