Latest instructions for travelers to Canada are here to follow

Canada’s traveler instructions on COVID measures

The updates are out on what to follow while arriving in Canada by air during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Every traveler coming to Canada is obliged to follow the emergency orders under the Quarantine Act. This is stipulated to help in preventing the spread of the pandemic in Canada. If you fail to comply with these instructions, you will be charged with penalties, fines, or imprisonment.

Steps before departing from your place of origin

Be planned

  • Get all the necessary information regarding COVID-19 preventive measures beforehand.
  • Be planned and prepared for the mandatory quarantine upon entering Canada.
  • Book your hotel (the government-approved hotel) for a 3-night stay upon arrival.
  • Have a COVID-19 molecular test done on you 72 hours prior to your scheduled flight.

Check before departure

  • Make sure that you upload all necessary information in the ArriveCAN app.
  • Keep your COVID-19 test result and ArriveCAN receipt ready 72 hours before your scheduled flight.

To dos during transit

  • Wear a mask for sure.
  • Tell your flight attendant in case symptoms of the disease develop.

Steps to follow upon arrival in Canada

  • Definitely wear a mask.
  • Answer questions asked during eligibility and health screening. This will include your quarantine plans.
  • Give all necessary information and documents.
  • Take a COVID-19 molecular test.
  • Collect a test kit meant to be used during your quarantine and use it during your stay.

You will be sent to a designated quarantine facility in case you develop any symptoms or you fail to give a suitable quarantine plan.

What to do during your quarantine?

You must wait for the results of the COVID-19 test you had in Canada, in your hotel room that you had booked for a 3-day stay.

In case your result turns negative:

  • Move on to your place of quarantine in Canada.
  • Complete the procedures given in your test kit as per the instructions given on it.

In case your result turns positive:

  • Move to a designated quarantine facility if not another suitable place for quarantine.
  • Follow the instructions given by health authorities.

You must use ArriveCAN to check-in the day you arrived in Canada besides using it to report your symptoms on a daily basis. You will be contacted by the Canadian government or by provincial or territorial officials.

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