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Posted on March 04 2022

Know few things about ECA and Re-credentialing

By  Editor
Updated November 14 2023

Introduction Canada is a country where immigrants have to recertify themselves to study or work. If you are planning to go to Canada, you need to have relevant requirements as they will be needed during the process of immigration. *Check your eligibility for going to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator. Here are some of the details that you need to know while applying for going to Canada.

Immigration for work

If you want to go to Canada for work, you need to get immigrant credentials which are to be checked to see if you are eligible to go to Canada. You also need to check whether the credentials you earned are similar to the credentials that are needed in Canada. You need to go for an early assessment so that you can upgrade yourself if there is a need. If you do not meet the credentials for Canada, you have to go for re-credentialing. Credentials and their submission processes depend upon the field, profession, or trade for which you are going to Canada. *Willing to work in Canada, Y-Axis guides you with the right steps.

Immigration for study

Each educational institution in Canada has its own criteria to select international studs to study. They ask for degrees taken up from reputed institutes. They may also ask for some specific requirements related to specific courses. Some institutes may also ask for your language proficiency. If the assessment is performed by the educational institution, then educational credential assessment is not required. There are many educational institutions in Canada that accept foreign credentials. So you need to confirm about it through call or mail before boarding a flight. *Need assistance to study in Canada? Choose Y-Axis for the right guidance. 

More things about ECA

ECA will help you in the case of education or if you are a job seeker. In such a case, the person who performs the assessment needs your degree, diploma, certificate, and experience. The reason for this assessment process is that the assessor has to check whether the requirements are able to fulfill the Canadian requirements.

Regulated professions

If you want to work in Canada, a relevant provincial authority must certify you. There are a number of professions and trades that are regulated by Canada. Here is the list of these professions.

  • Doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Architects

There are many other professions that Canada regulates. As some of these professions are regulated in some areas so license of one area may not work in others, and you may have to go for a new license. You have to go for a written exam or supervised apprenticeship. Besides this, you may also have to go for a test of language proficiency skills. Recredentialing process for some of the professions can be very complicated. You need to conduct a proper research before going to Canada. *Ace your language proficiency skills through Y-Axis Coaching services.

What to do in case of failure in a test?

If you fail in the process of re-credentialing, you can go for upgrading your education and training. This will help you in re-credentialing and passing the test in future. Process of getting ECA You can get ECA through proper channels. Your education qualification should be accepted by IRCC. Two specialty and five general organizations are also involved in testing your educational qualification. For most of the professions, the cost of ECA is $200. Conclusion People can migrate to Canada for work or study purposes. Canada invites immigrants through different programs, and people can go there for work or study. They need to fulfill some criteria, and then Canada will send ITA based on the program through which a person has applied. If you have plans to migrate to Canada from Autralia, you can contact Y-Axis, a popular immigration agency in Australia. If this blog is interesting to you, you may also get interested in this... OINP draw issued 818 NOIs under Skills Trades Stream


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