Did you know ACT, Australia has re-opened its visa stream?

Did you know ACT, Australia has re-opened its visa stream

Australian Capital Territory has re-opened its visa stream with a new points-based system. It has also revised its occupation list and removed some popular occupations.

ACT was the only state in Australia which offered a visa to skilled journalists. With the removal of the occupation now, aspirants nominating the occupation will have no other option but to wait.

Other popular occupations like Engineers and Nursing Clinical Director have also been removed by ACT.

ACT had closed its visa stream on 29th June for a detailed review of the same. Recently, the state govt. announced the launch of a new visa system.

ACT has given up the first-come-first-serve system. It has now moved to a points-based invitation system. However, the points system of ACT is different than other states. Applicants will now need to score at least 20 points by meeting the ACT criteria. These points are separate from the national point’s criteria.

Applicants will need to have a strong presence in ACT before applying under its visa stream. They may claim points under categories like:

  • Stay in Canberra
  • Study in Canberra
  • English proficiency
  • Partner’s English proficiency etc.

Occupations which are “Open” will get an additional 10 points. In the case where the occupation is closed, no points will be awarded, as per SBS.

Here is the list of open occupations on the ACT occupation list:

  1. Sales and Marketing Manager
  2. Advertising Manager
  3. Construction Project Manager
  4. Interior Designer
  5. Aeronautical Engineer
  6. Agricultural Engineer
  7. Biomedical Engineer
  8. Engineering Technologist
  9. Environmental Engineer
  10. Naval Architect
  11. Primary School Teacher
  12. Teacher of English SOL
  13. Anesthetist
  14. Midwife
  15. Web Developer
  16. Interpreter
  17. Anesthetic Technician
  18. Metal Fabricator
  19. Welder (First Class)
  20. Panel beater
  21. Bricklayer
  22. Stonemason
  23. Painting Trades Workers
  24. Fibrous Plasterer
  25. Solid Plasterer
  26. Plumber (General)
  27. Air-conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
  28. Drainer
  29. Gasfitter
  30. Roof Plumber
  31. Electrician (General)
  32. Electrician (Special Class)
  33. Lift Mechanic
  34. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
  35. Enrolled Nurse

Below is the list of closed occupations:

  1. Corporate Services Manager
  2. Nursing Clinical Director
  3. Primary Health Organization Manager
  4. Welfare Center Manager
  5. Copywriter
  6. Newspaper or Periodical Editor
  7. Print Journalist
  8. Technical Writer
  9. Television Journalist
  10. Journalist and other writers (not elsewhere classified)
  11. Transport Engineer
  12. Electrical Engineer
  13. Electronics Engineer
  14. Industrial Engineer
  15. Mechanical Engineer
  16. Optometrist
  17. Orthoptist
  18. Retail Pharmacist
  19. Careers Counselor
  20. Drug and Alcohol Counselor
  21. Family and Marriage Counselor
  22. Rehabilitation Counselor
  23. Student Counselor
  24. Counselors (not elsewhere classified)
  25. Social Professionals (not elsewhere classified)
  26. Social Worker

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