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Posted on October 07 2022

IRCC announced, "RNIP extension and expansion for Thunder Bay"

By  Editor
Updated November 16 2023

Highlights for RNIP extension and expansion

  • Around 175 candidates have been recommended for PR (Permanent Residence) by the Thunder Bay CEDC which has planned to reach its target of 250 candidate recommendations.
  • Canadian Government stretched the boundaries geographically of the seven communities and expanded the range of job offers for candidates with certain work experience.
  • Along with the RNIP extension, reduced the amount of settlement the candidates are required to have.
  • The candidates with 1560 hours of full-time paid work or gained the same in three years if worked in part-time jobs are considered under RNIP criteria.

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Extension for RNIP (Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot)

The Economic development officers and Thunder Bay business leaders cheered the extension made to Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot by IRCC. The EDC (Economic Development Commission) has so far recommended 175 candidates for PR. They have already set a target of 250 recommendations for this year for the same and are expecting an increment for the next year.

Several enhancements are also to be implemented for RNIP supporting community partners, candidates, and employers from this autumn season along with the extension of RNIP:

  • Expanded the geological limits of seven participating communities in RNIP
  • Moose Jaw
  • North Bay
  • Sudbury
  • Thunder Bay
  • Timmins
  • Vernon
  • West Kootenay
  • Expanded the range of job offers for candidates having certain work experience. These job offers belong to the Trade and healthcare sectors to fulfil the need of the workforce market.
  • Government also extended the period of participating communities till August 2024, i.e., by the pilot comes to an end.
  • To help the community partners in such a way that they contribute more support to the employers and candidates along with reinforcing the program's integrity.
  • Minimized the amount that is shown as the requirement of proof of funds

Note: Usually Rural and Northern communities have different types of economic and socioeconomic challenges. Hence the RNIP extension was announced. This helped the communities to fill up the critical workforce which is in need.

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1130 Newcomers were allowed by RNIP to get settled in 11 communities in the first six months of 2022

Community boundaries were expanded to help employers access the program to support economic development and its growth in the communities which are smaller and present across the Canadian provinces and Territories.

1130 newcomers got settled within the first six months of 2022 and got settled in 11 RNIP communities.

The ceiling cap of RNIP under the successful AIP (Atlantic Immigration Program) of the principal applicants is set as 2750 per year.

RNIP is a program for encouraging international citizens to apply for PR to settle in rural regions of Canada. This program helped many employers who are looking for eligible workers and slowly the RNIP is gaining popularity.

International citizens who are willing to immigrate to Canada via RNIP must qualify for the federal as well as the community-specific eligibility criteria to obtain employment with an employer. The employer needs to be in a participating community.

Then the foreign national has to submit an application for receiving a recommendation from the community and later apply for PR.

Ottawa expects the RNIP candidates to either have qualifying work experience or should possess a degree or a diploma from a university or a college in the community.

1,560 hours of full-time work experience is required under the RNIP criteria

The work experience that is required must be equivalent of complete one year of paid and full-time work which need to be 1560 hours in the same occupation.

One can gain this work experience by working in part-time jobs for the last three years.

The applicant needs to demonstrate all the essential duties that are listed in the NOC of the occupation.

Foreign students are exempted from the above-mentioned work experience if they have studied in colleges or universities that are under the community. Must be graduated not more than 18 months while applying for PR.

The candidates need to provide proof of funds to support themselves and their dependents.

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