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Posted on September 28 2022

Citizenship certificate the best option to become a Canadian

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Key aspects: Citizenship certificate to become a Canadian

  • Canadian citizenship certificate is an official document provided by the government of Canada as proof of citizenship status
  • The Canadian government charges $75 CAD to apply for a citizenship certificate
  • An experienced Canadian lawyer assures an easier process and ensures your eligibility for a citizenship certificate
  • IRCC offers an urgent processing option for individuals who need to use benefits such as healthcare, start a job, and make emergency travel to or from Canada

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Canadian citizenship

There are numerous advantages to obtaining citizenship in Canada. Becoming a citizen is one of them, as it has its own benefits and every Canadian enjoys certain rights such as;

  • Right to apply for a Canadian passport
  • Access to restricted jobs
  • Right to reside in any territory or province of Canada
  • The ability to travel with a Canadian passport

You might already be eligible to obtain citizenship in Canada if you are born in the country to atleast one Canadian parent.

Knowing that you are eligible for Canadian citizenship, you need not go through the general application process that includes the below-mentioned factors among various requirements.

The regular application process includes;

  • Requirement of physically being present as a permanent resident
  • A knowledge test
  • Attending ceremony for citizenship

Applying for a citizenship certificate, known as proof of citizenship is your best option. To apply for a citizenship certificate, the government of Canada charges a fee of $75 CAD.

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Who is eligible for Canadian citizenship?

The citizenship certificate of Canada is considered an official document, provided by the Canadian government as proof of citizenship status in Canada.

Below are the points on who is eligible for Canadian citizenship:

  • If you were born in Canada, you are already a citizen of the country, unless you were born to a foreign diplomat
  • If one of your parents was a Canadian in the first generation at the time of your birth in another country, you are considered a citizen of Canada
  • In order to prove that one of your parents is a first-generation Canadian, they should be either born in Canada or acquired citizenship through the application process
  • In case one of your grandparents was a first-generation Canadian, and your parent has inherited that citizenship, then you will not be eligible to obtain a citizenship certificate. Even so, you can still acquire Canadian citizenship through the immigration process in Canada

Application Process to obtain citizenship certificate

Here is the application procedure, for you to obtain proof of citizenship

  • Download the application package that is accessible on Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website, to apply for a citizenship certificate
  • Show the evidence that your legal or biological parent was a citizen of Canada at the time of your birth. IRCC accepts proofs like;

o   Canadian citizenship card

o   Parent’s birth certificate

o   Citizenship certificate

  • Once the IRCC confirms that the submitted application is completed, an Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) will be issued. Further, when the application is approved by the IRCC, you will receive a citizenship certificate from Canada

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Additional information to acquire a citizenship certificate

You will be able to check the status of your application processing on the IRCC website. Sometimes, the complicated files take a longer time to process an application.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) provides an emergency processing option for those individuals who urgently need to use the benefits like;

  • Healthcare
  • Social insurance number
  • Join an organization
  • Emergency travel to or from Canada

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You can take the help of an immigration lawyer in Canada to help you get through the procedure. Choosing a well-experienced immigration lawyer has higher chances to make certain that you meet all the required eligibility criteria, and help in proving your citizenship in Canada without any kind of delay.

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