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Posted on August 16 2022

Increase in Intake for Migrants in Australia to Address Skill Crisis

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Highlights of Australia Skill Crisis

  • The Australian government plans to increase the intake of immigrants to address the shortage in the workforce.
  • Australia plans to welcome immigrants with the required qualifications in the fields of IT and health care.
  • The country is planning to increase its cap for the annual migration.

Abstract: There are 480,100 vacancies in jobs as per the reports by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The government of Australia has plans to increase the migrant intake in the country. The Minister for Skills and Training, Brendan O'Connor, said that the government elected recently was planning to raise the annual migration cap. Currently, the migration cap is 160,000.

According to the reports by ABS or the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are close to 480,100 job opportunities in Australia as of May. It is an increase of over 100% from February 2020 before the Australian authorities closed its international border.

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Inclusion of Immigrants in Australia

Australia plans to welcome more skilled migrants, in the sector of health care and IT professionals to address the shortage of labor caused by the pandemic.

The new migrant cap will cover employees from employer groups and trade unions and at the summit of government's jobs and skills in September.

Australia needs to address the skilled workers shortage. The government plans to train the native workforce and prevent the exploitation of international workers.

The eligibility requirements for immigration will remain as is it, with no relaxation.

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Addressing Shortages in the Workforce

The sectors of commercial trades, retail, manufacturing, the technology industry, tourism, aged care, and health care require more skilled professionals in the country.

The Minister said that there was not a binary choice between expanding skilled migration and training native workers.

The expansion of the migrant cap will be formalized during the federal budget.

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