The immigration system of Australia is praised as worth emulating by Donald Trump

The immigration system of Australia is praised as worth emulating by Donald Trump

The immigration system of Australia that is based on merit has been praised by the US President Donald Trump. He expressed this view in his speech to the US Congress and advocated the implementation of the same immigration system in the US too, as quoted by the 9 News.

Trump further explained that positive and real reform to the immigration system was achievable. The focus of these reforms has to be strengthening the security of the nation, restoring respect for laws and betterment of salaries and job prospects for the US nationals. This was the first address of the US present for the US Congress’ joint session.

Donald Trump also added that the existing US immigration system based on low-skilled immigration was unsuccessful in protecting the native workers and he gave the examples of immigration system of Australia and Canada in this regard.

He elaborated on this immigration system and said that it was based on the fundamental principle that immigrants seeking entry to the nation must be able to financially support themselves. Trump explained that the US does not follow this principle whish results in straining the resources of the government.

Trump advocated a merit-based immigration regime as that would increase salaries, save resources and assist several struggling families including that of immigrants in raising the standard of living.

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