How I obtained Australia PR with the Global Talent Independent [GTI] program

One more entrepreneur has now joined Australia

Most of you would be aware that the process of migration is never a breeze. It involves convincing your adopted country to realize that you are a law-abiding person and do not indulge in any illegitimate activities. Therefore, the process is lengthy, and paperwork has to be taken up patiently. Only after months of hard work will a visa be granted.

In certain cases, it could be simpler, especially if you happen to be an entrepreneur like yours truly. Let me share my experiences of how the new initiative of the Australian government to attract talented migrants to this country in the Southern Hemisphere benefited me.

The Land Down Under provides other routes to help you get an Australian business visa.

Collaborating with start-ups in Tasmania, Australia 

As of now, I am settled in Hobart and working in my dream profession. I began working with the country’s start-ups, which has stood me in good stead and has been a valuable learning experience for all the parties.

A Small Business Owners (SBO) pathway in Tasmania opens for applications periodically.

As migrants converge from all parts of the globe to set up firms in Australia via the GTI, a lot of cultural exchange takes place.

Migrants who relocate to another nation not only bring their expertise to their adopted home but also their perspectives, standards, and so many other unique aspects.

As one of the privileged few from India who obtained a permanent residence visa of Australia through the GTI program of the government, it was a tough route that was, however, worth all the effort I put in.

GTI program visa was introduced in 2019 to attract tech talent worldwide to contribute something ‘exceptional’ to Australia.

A very business-friendly place, Australia is home to sincere, frank, and amiable people.

Apply for GTI without invitation 

Before the GTI program’s introduction, all other visas needed applicants to obtain invitations before applying.

For all the visas of Australia that are issued under the Skilled Migration program, a formal invitation is needed from the Australian government before individuals can submit through SkillSelect their applications.

At the outset, I was all at sea, not knowing which Australian immigration pathway would be ideal for me. My research also didn’t get me anywhere.

How professional assistance is necessary 

After all my efforts led me nowhere, I decided the best way out was by seeking professional help.

Though there are many immigration consultants, I wanted to seek the services of an experienced firm with an impeccable track record in providing these services. I checked out the counseling services of three different Indian visa consultants in Bengaluru.

Finally, I sought professional help from Y-Axis to process my GTI program application.

The reasons for zeroing on Y-Axis were manifold. They had a free counseling session where I got answers to all my questions, and I was not asked to sign up for any of their products or services as I was their client.

 Referrals help

I gathered reference letters and proofs of employment from the places I had worked at globally.

When you apply for the Australian visa, you must convince their immigration authorities how you could be an asset in a particular business domain and how Australia could gain by having you set up shop there.

If you perform this well, your chances of obtaining a visa under the Australian GTI program soar.

Background verifications 

Make only claims in your applications that would be able to substantiate with appropriate evidence and documentation.

Immigration authorities undertake background checks meticulously as to all the places you had visited as part of your work.

Then they carry out a medical check to ascertain that you are in good health. They will ensure that you don’t have a criminal record, even a minor one.

After making sure that I met all the above-mentioned requirements, they granted me a visa.


When I look back, I pinch myself to believe that I had managed to get an Australian visa through the Global Talent Independent program. The fact that I took professional assistance also helped me. I had to ensure that I did not falter.

Y-Axis helped me get it right in my first attempt! I, therefore, would like to tell others who are in my shoes to get counseling for free from Y-Axis, the leading migration consultant agency in Australia. For that matter, whichever country you would like to move to, you could take their help.

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