Points criteria you must meet to be eligible for an Australia PR visa

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If you are aiming at a permanent residence in Australia, there are a few visa options that can work for you. These visas adhere to the points-based immigration system. Hence, points are given for various factors that count in adding up to your final score to apply for an Australia PR visa.

Let’s look at the points given for each factor for different visas that lead to Australia PR. A total score of 65 from the added-up points for various factors is the minimum requirement for eligibility for Australia PR visa.

Subclass 189 (Skilled Independent Visa) and Subclass 190 (Skilled Nomination Visa)

Criteria Points
18-25 years 25
25-35 years 30
33-40 years 25
40-45 years 15
English Proficiency
Competent 0
Proficient 10
Superior 20
Work Experience
3 years (overseas work experience) 0
3-5 years (overseas work experience) 5
5-8 years (overseas work experience) 10
8+ years (overseas work experience) 15
1 year (Australian work experience) 0
3 years (Australian work experience) 5
3-5 years (Australian work experience) 10
5-8 years (Australian work experience) 15
8+ years (Australian work experience) 20
Education Level
Ph.D. from a recognized institution 20
BA from a recognized institution 15
Masters by research from a recognized institution 10
Diploma/trade certification
(recognized institution)
Qualification/award for your relevant occupation 10
Doctorate with the academic study of 2 years (from an Australian institution) 10
You meet the Australian study requirement (Minimum 1 diploma, degree, or trade certificate from an Australian institution meeting the study requirements) 5
You completed 1 professional year in Australia 5
You have a recognized qualification in a credentialled community language 5
You have studied for your diploma, degree, or certificate in regional Australia for a minimum of 1 year 5
Marital Status
Your partner is under 45 years old, has a competent level of English, has skills that are relevant, and got a nomination in an occupation registered in the skilled occupation list 10
Your partner’s level of English is competent 5
You are either single or in case you are not, you have a partner who’s an Australian citizen/Australia PR visa holder 10

These 2 types of Australia PR visa provide pathways to immigrate to Australia with the intention to get employed and settle down in the country. The points we saw given for various factors will apply to you while deciding the eligibility for Australia immigration.

Know your eligibility for Australia immigration. Use the Australia points calculator.

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