Hope returns to Indian students after Biden takes charge in the US

Studying MBA in US to be more desirable under Biden’s administration

The Biden administration is making efforts to bring back the lost appeal of many Indian students in the US due to Trump’s policies. The US government can do more to fan the renewed hope of international students in the US’s educational programs. This has come to be after Joe Biden became the US President.

Today, the US is welcoming international students as well as international talents and skilled migrants to access the work opportunities that the country was so famous for among the migrants. The new wave of confidence in the Biden administration is expected to reverse the drop in the number of Green Card holders. The number of H-1B visas issued is also expected to rise and let more international students and skilled workers take the US immigration route.

The good news is that under the Biden administration, the restrictions on H-1B visas will be eased. Those who are willing to study in USA will now have renewed opportunities to seek better opportunities in the US job market. The Biden government will be raising the number of high-skilled visas like H-1B which currently has a cap of 85,000 per year.

The steps taken by the Biden administration to improve the situation include:

  • Expanding the number of US visas issued to highly skilled candidates
  • Exempting foreign graduates of US doctoral programs from the cap applied on issue of Green Card
  • Removing the limit on H-1B visas
  • Exempting immediate relatives of Green Card holders like spouses and children from any sort of limits

The immediate relatives of Green Card holders will be issued temporary visas that are non-immigrant in nature until the permanent visa is issued.

These measures and more from the Biden government will make migration to the USA more acceptable and attractive for international students.

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