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Isn’t it exciting to explore an opportunity to work in Germany? Before going for a Germany work visa, you have to plan a lot of things with clarity. Also, you will need the professional guidance of an immigration consultant to get all the migration processes and procedures right.

But then, are you well aware of how to find your job in Germany? Do you know what steps will you need to follow to find the desired job in Germany? This time, rather than discussing the German Employment visa, we will look at how you can find a job in Germany and land in one through migration.

Explore your opportunities

Go through the “Make it in Germany” website to find all the opportunities in a wide range of job areas. Among those in demand are nursing staff, engineers, doctors, and IT specialists. But then, you also must check whether you even need a work visa to get employed in Germany.

Get recognition for your qualifications

It’s the best practice to get your educational qualifications you got in your home country to be checked for recognition in Germany. Only those qualifications that are recognized in Germany will help you to get a job.

Find a job

After identifying suitable jobs, start hunting for jobs in places like:

  • Make it in Germany website
  • Federal Employment Agency website
  • In job sites like Stepstone, Monster, and Indeed

You can even utilize the business networks that you can make on sites like Xing or LinkedIn. Taking the assistance of work visa consultants for Germany is a smart way to go if you seek professional assistance.

Draft an application

Obviously, a good job application is essential to get you considered for a job. Generally, a job application in Germany includes:

  • A covering letter
  • A CV including a photograph
  • Certificates
  • Testimonials

Give emphasis to your relevant and required qualifications in the covering letter.

Apply for a German visa

If you are not a citizen of the following countries/regions, you will need a visa to work in Germany:

  • EU member nations
  • Liechtenstein
  • Switzerland
  • Iceland
  • Norway

If you are a citizen of the following nations, you can enter Germany without a visa and live in the country for up to 3 months:

  • The USA
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Israel
  • Canada
  • Australia

Nevertheless, people from these countries must apply for a residence permit to be able to take up employment with earnings.

You may apply for a German work visa only after drawing a contract with your would-be employer. In case you have a higher education that’s recognized in Germany, you can get a 6-month visa to search for a job in Germany.

Get a health insurance

It’s compulsory to have health insurance in Germany from the first day you are in Germany. So, get one if you are going to work in Germany.

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