The best careers to go for in Germany in 2021

Top careers in Germany in 2021

Germany is a prominent European country with a high standard of living, a strong economy, great opportunities for skilled people to work, and a favorite destination for immigrants who are looking to improve their lives. In today’s circumstance, which must be understood along with the influence of COVID-19, it makes a lot of sense to inquire into the career possibilities and perks of holding a Germany work visa.

While Germany immigration itself is based on career decisions for the skilled and qualified people around the world, it is important to identify the jobs that are promising and stable in the German economic environment. It’s even more worthwhile to figure out which of the occupations are future-proof.

Many trending jobs have been adaptive to the new possibilities and practices in the job market that developed due to the COVID pandemic. People are now looking for options that help them sustain a safe work practice that goes with the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Here are some jobs that are trending in Germany in 2021. These are also considered future-proof.

Nurses, lab assistants, and virologists

The occurrence of COVID-19 has increased the need for healthcare staff in Germany, in roles like nurses, lab assistants, and virologists. There’s a huge demand for healthcare staff in hospitals to tend to patients and administer vaccines.

Nurses can earn around €44,200 annually in Germany. Lab assistants and virologists can earn around €36,400 and €62,200 respectively. The areas in which these services are needed include intensive care and geriatric.

Cloud architect

Since the scope of remote working has increased so has the need for technologically equipped people to be available. The remote functionality at work depends a lot on cloud technology. That makes cloud architects highly in-demand professionals in Germany who can earn around €50,500 annually.

Performance marketing manager

Another major effect of the COVID-19 situation is that online shopping has taken lead in the lifestyle of people. The record sale in Germany’s e-commerce industry has raised the demand for performance marketing managers and e-commerce managers. They can make €50,500 and €39,900 respectively as annual earnings.

Game developers

The popularity of video games and online games in Germany post-COVID has increased job opportunities in the gaming industry as game developers. In Germany, they can make €42,700 per year.

Food technician

The COVID-related restrictions have created an increased need to focus on health as outdoor activities have gone down considerably. The need to watch the diet has increased the role of food technicians. They can earn €40,300 annually.

So, as we were trying to make you aware of, Germany still comes with a lot of opportunity for the right candidate. The jobs we discussed here does require skill, experience, and very preferably a degree or certification. But a qualification isn’t that vital when it comes to performance which matters most.

Germany can help you find opportunities for an apprenticeship that can help you develop the skills to the required level to work in the role on offer. The whole point of pursuing a fool-proof job is to ensure that you can contribute your best to it while the job roles themselves will stay relevant and lucrative for many years to come.

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