Tourist count in July 2020 tells Spain still world’s favorite

Spain's inbound tourist number

Don’t you love Spain? Million more do. That’s why when it comes to the top choices of tourist destinations, Spain comes on top. Even the COVID-19 pandemic situation has not dissipated the interest of travel enthusiasts around the world in Spain.

In July 2020, over 2 million inbound tourists came to Spain via international airports on a visitor visa. That number is of course not up to the mark considering the same period last year. In fact, this year, there was an 80% slump in the number as per the report of Turespana.

The report also says that the Balearic Islands had the most arrivals, 29.6% of the total influx. This was followed by Andalusia with 15.5%, the Region of Valencia with 14.5%, and Catalonia with 13.5%.

Considering these are the numbers after the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, they still show a positive situation. Spain continues to be a highly sought-after destination in the world. The Government of Spain is considering greater coordination across Europe to avoid new travel restrictions, helping it to improve its migration performance. The country is also looking to strengthen the instruments to better control the pandemic situation along with improving the information systems that tell about the epidemiological situation of any region.

The total number of tourists that arrived in Spain through international airports from January 2020 till July 2020 was 15,556,082. Again, COVID-19 dampened the migrant performance with a 71.4% decrease in people compared to the influx count in the same period a year back.

Now to look at who came in what numbers to Spain. They go like this:

  • Germany – 23.6%
  • The UK – 20.3%
  • Netherlands – 9%
  • France – 8.5%
  • Italy – 7.5%
  • Belgium – 6.1%
  • Switzerland – 5.3%
  • Poland – 2.7%
  • Ireland – 1.8%
  • Sweden – 1.7%

Now, looking at the number of travelers who arrived at the airports in Spain, this is the distribution we get:

  • Palma De Mallorca – 21.6%
  • Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas – 13%
  • Malaga – 12.9%
  • Barcelona – 12.1%
  • Alicante – 10%
  • Ibiza – 6.1%

Overall, it’s a challenge for all European nations to find innovative ways to revive tourism in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spain has pumped in a huge amount of money into this process to support tourism, culture, and leisure companies to survive the pandemic crisis.

There’s a lot of good news that we expect to hear from Spain. That includes giving you the chance to visit Spain on a Spain tourist visa.

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