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Posted on June 17 2022

Five easy steps to get a Job in Canada

By  Editor
Updated November 01 2023

Key Aspects:

  • Canada has record-high job opportunities and a low unemployment rate
  • Canada has recorded 1,012,900 job vacancies which were the highest in March
  • In 2020, Alberta saw a drop of 12,700 paid jobs, Newfoundland and Labrador with 1,700 compared to all the provinces
  • Five steps that a foreign national can take to get a job in Canada
  • Linkedin report data
  • The top job skills that the employers look for are
  • A requirement of 3,400 for Mandarin and 2,347 for Spanish-speaking jobs were made available in early June


With record-high job opportunities and a low Canadian unemployment rate, foreign nationals find it an excellent opportunity to immigrate to Canada under economic immigration programs. Clenching that dream job is mentioned in five easy steps.

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Main Features:

Canada has reported a record-breaking job vacancy of 1,012,900 in March, with a higher number of paid jobs in all except two of Canada's ten provinces, according to the figures of Statistics Canada.

"Alberta has seen the drop of 12,700 paid jobs, Newfoundland and Labrador with 1,700 compared to all the provinces, exceeded their payroll employment level in February 2020,' states Statistics Canada in its Payroll Employment, Earnings and Hours, and Job Vacancies report for March 2022.

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Below are the five steps that a foreign national can take to get a job in Canada

Step 1: Make sure the employers can contact you through email or phone

When an employer is ready to offer you a job or take an interview, it is essential to provide more accessible ways for the employer to reach out.

Amerta Roopani, an industrial engineer in Canada, offers advice on hunting jobs on YouTube. She says having a phone number with a professional voice mail system is essential. It doesn't matter if the landline or the cell phone, but it is necessary to be available to the employers whenever they want to approach you.

She suggests that foreign nationals who search for jobs in Canada write a script for themselves for their voicemail message and record it. This way, it is easier to know which company has approached so that you can take some time to do background research and prepare before calling.

Step 2: Attract job offers by creating an Express Entry Profile

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) permit foreign nationals to create an online Express Entry profile for the Express Entry program.

The applicants must create an Express Entry profile by;

  • A language test demonstrates their proficiency in at least one official language (English or French) of Canada.
  • Determine the National Occupation Classification (NOC) code of the job they are looking to receive in Canada
  •  Keep the foreign education credentials ready in case of landing in Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker program
  • Specify their eligibility for Express Entry immigration
  • Create an Express Entry profile by providing the following information:
    • Contact information
    • A detailed account of their educational history
    • Language proficiency
    • Identity and age
    • Factors that facilitate their adaptability to life in Canada
    • Information on their spouse or common-law partner, if applicable
    • Family composition, and
    • A detailed account of their work experience

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Step 3: Look for jobs even before immigrating

As soon as you complete all the basic requirements, it is very integral for a foreign national to hunt for jobs even before you immigrate under an economic program.

Linkedin Report

Creating a Linkedin profile for this job search is very helpful because 87 percent of the recruiters have reported that LinkedIn is the top social media platform for finding new talent for their companies.

Linkedin provides a professional experience and appearance online by adding credibility and making them appear as potential and trustworthy employees.


Canada is working on a new fast-track immigration program for foreign workers

Step 4: Know the best-suited jobs for specific skills through job markets

The niche markets offer most in-demand opportunities for foreign nationals with skills but are not available for the individuals already working in Canada.

A requirement of 3,400 for Mandarin and 2,347 for Spanish-speaking jobs were made available in early June, while 172 other jobs for individuals speaking Tagalog.

The foreign nationals carry their in-demand language skills and immense knowledge of their home country's culture and business practices. This might be invaluable for Canadian companies looking to spread internationally or provide an ethnic base in Canada.

A niche can be a specific area of mastery within a larger field. Informational technology professionals are primarily hired to develop applications, develop computer games or other programs, and repair and set up a network. Among these, the most in-demand job in Canada presently is cyber. Companies hire IT professionals to think like criminals and try thinking ethnically to uncover vulnerabilities by hacking their systems. This is the job that could interest the right applicant.

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Step 5: Enlarge the number of potential employers through diversification

Employers are looking for candidates with skills that can be easily changed into various roles, mainly beyond the historical job titles a potential employee has held.

The job markets are ever-evolving, so employers are looking for candidates with skills that weren't relevant before 2020. But, the pandemic is not the only change impacting the employer's priorities. Economic pressures, highly competitive markets, evolving customer preferences, and regulatory requirements play an essential role in our current shift.

The top job skills that the employers look for are:
  • Sales
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Customer service
  • Repair
  • Accounting
  • Administrative support, and
  • Cleaning

A background in another skill helps an applicant mention it at the top of the resume.

A curriculum vitae for a professor might become a CV for a professor-project manager, or a plumber's resume can be considered a CV under a plumber-bookkeeper-team leader if the individual has experience in running a business previously.

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