Fee hikes and selected waivers in the US final fee rule

USCIS new policy

The US has updated its Policy Manual that guides you on the final fee rule. The rule states the latest changes and adjustments that have been made to the fees the US charges for certain benefit applications and petitions for migration. Practically, it’s an update mostly on increased fees and restructured benefits.

The latest developments in US immigration haven’t been too bright for those who look forward to entering the US on non-immigrant visas. Now, with the revised and updated final fee rule, this scenario is staring right in the face. Here are certain key moves that the rule has brought up.

  • The USCIS fees have been adjusted by a weighted average increase of 20%
  • For asylum applications, an additional $50 will be levied
  • There won’t be a transfer of money to ICE as that proposal has been removed
  • Some fee waivers are retained

New fees have been added for USA immigration categories. The final fee rule policy document has laid out details on how and when the fees have to be paid for each purpose. It also talks about the time limits set for premium processing. There are also details on modifications to the processing of inter country adoption.

Of course, there are fee waivers that are granted by USCIS. The fee waiver is available only for those whose gross household income is 125% below the current FPG. Fee waivers are available to non-immigrants of categories:

  • T (victims of human trafficking)
  • U (victims of crimes suffering from mental and physical abuse)
  • Beneficiaries of VAWA benefits
  • Battered spouses of G, A, H, or E-3 non-immigrants
  • Battered child or spouse of a US citizen or an LPR

There are also changes in fees for forms submitted for various purposes. Detailed information on these fee changes as per the final fee rule is available on the USCIS website.

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USCIS – United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement

VAWA – Violence Against Women Act

LPR – Lawful Permanent Resident

FPG – Federal Poverty Guidelines

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