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The green card lottery results for fiscal year 2021 have been published in the US. This year the number of applicants is lesser than the previous one.

The results of the green card lottery for the fiscal year 2021 is out and published in the US.

The lottery results are out! The results of the green card lottery conducted in the US for the fiscal year 2021 was published in the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Visa Bulletin for September 2020.

For those who wonder what a green card lottery is all about, there’s a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program conducted in the US that grants 55,000 permanent resident visas each year. If you were lucky, this would be by far the most desirable way of getting the USA’s permanent immigrant visa.

Of course, the US President Donald Trump had issues with this lottery, as he favored a scheme that will churn out more immigrant visas that are employment-based. But the long-practiced traditions of US immigration are hard to be overhauled and hence the practice still goes on, keeping alive an opportunity for immigrants to settle in the USA.

It’s true though that this year, the actual number of applicants for this program was lesser than the previous year. This year, there were 6,741,128 applicants from the world over submitting qualified entries. The number of applicants in the year before was over 14 million.

This time, for the first time under a new system, only those with unexpired passports were allowed to apply. This did reduce the number of applicants considerably.

The applicant’s status is available on this web page. The winners can use a DS-260 form to apply for the green card. For this, the applicant must show either his/her high school diploma or equivalent, or proof of 2-year work experience over the past 5 years. The work experience must be in an eligible occupation that needs a minimum of 2 years’ experience or training.

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