The fastest way to migrate to Australia – The GTI scheme

Australia GTI scheme

Australia’s GTI scheme is a program that the country uses to find skilled technologists who can secure Australia PR. This scheme was launched in November 2019. The aim of introducing the scheme was to meet the competition from other popular global destinations for skilled migrants viz. the UK, the US, and Canada.

GTI is the fastest way of getting Australian PR. This makes it appealing for international immigrants who want to arrive in Australia sooner. The processing times for the GTI varies from 2 days to 2 months.

Highly skilled international migrants working in any of the 7 designated sectors that are considered future-focused are attracted by the GTI scheme. These sectors include data science, cybersecurity, space, fin-tech, med-tech and ag-tech.

Eligibility of candidates

To be eligible under this scheme, the applicants must demonstrate the ability to earn a salary of $153,600 or more annually. They must also have a nominator’s support for their application. The nominator must be of national reputation in the same field.

The fastest pathway to Australian PR

The GTI visa’s high level of flexibility makes it even easier to obtain than normal visas. The criteria of the visa do not come under the regulations and a large part of them are administrative in nature.

The criteria do not include age limits or assessment of formal skills. Anybody of any age can take benefit of the scheme. The skills assessment will be done only by an immigration officer. The applicant also doesn’t have to undertake an English language test. The best part is that decisions made on the GTI visa takes just weeks.

GTI’s performance

The GTI program delivered a total of 4,109 visas within 7 months. Most of the applicants involved were onshore already. 765 applicants came from outside of Australia.

The government has set a very high threshold for the GTI stream. Those in select future-focused jobs are the only ones who can apply for this visa. It’s also not easy to meet the potential income threshold needed for this visa.

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GTI – Global Talent Independent

PR – Permanent Residency

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