UK helps Hong Kong residents in trouble with new BN(O) visa

BN(O) visa

In the wake of the Chinese crackdown on dissenters protesting Chinese policies by imposing the Chinese security law, UK had stepped in to help Hong Kong residents.

The stand taken by the UK also comes due to the fact that China breached the Sino-British Joint Declaration. The Declaration agreed on the point that China would give Hong Kong political and social autonomy via a “one country, two systems” policy for a period of 50 years.

To help people in Hong Kong oppressed by China, the UK has announced the new BN(O) visa.The visa will be officially available to be applied for from January 31, 2020.

The British Nationals (Overseas) visa for Hong Kong nationals will grant its holders entry into the UK and allow them to study or work in UK under the BN(O) program. Anyone with BN(O) status can take advantage of the program along with his/her family dependents.

The BN(O) visa applications will impose no caps. The visa will also act as a pathway to citizenship in the UK.

The National Security Law has been imposed on Hong Kong, leading to a clear erosion of the freedoms and rights of the people there, has prompted the UK to act on its commitment to the Hong Kong people.

Now, the UK is ready to welcome the BN(O) to the country along with their dependents.

The fee for BN(O) visa has also been set much lower than the rates the country charges for its visas. The fee for a 5-year visa will be £250 per person. A 30-month visa is also made available for £180.

However, there will be a UK immigration health surcharge imposed on the BN(O) visa applicants which will have increased from October 27, 2020. The visa applicants will have to show evidence that they are able to financially support themselves along with their dependents in the UK for a minimum period of 6 months.

Those who already have a valid BN(O) passport won’t need to apply for a new BN(O) visa. Their applications can be submitted using a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport.

The Home Office is estimating over 1 million Hong Kong nationals to arrive in the UK of which 500,000 will arrive in thefirst 12 months of the launch of the visa.

Those with the BN(O) status currently can stay back in the UK without a visa for 6 months.

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