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Posted on March 07 2022

Everything you need to know about Australia immigration 2022

By  Editor
Updated June 07 2023
Australia and other countries have faced a global pandemic and many countries have closed their borders so that no person can go out or come inside a country. Australia was in shock because a recession came in the country. *Need assistance to work in Australia? Y-Axis is here to assist you.  On December 15, 2021, Borders of Australia were again opened. At that time, the unemployment rate was 4.5%, and the shortage of labor force was in critical condition. For the 2021-2022 period, the deficit shown was $99.2 billion. The debt of the country rose to $729 billion. The rate of vaccination in Australia is very high, and that kept the deaths and infections under control. The total number of COVID-19 cases in Australia was 238,969 in mid-December 2021. The total number of deaths was 2126. The borders of Australia were closed till the end of 2021. The lockdowns and shutting down of borders were not food for Australia's population as many people lost their jobs, business and schools were shut down, there was a separation in the families, and many more things occurred. Borders of the country were again opened on December 15, 2021. The department in Australia started settling down the issues of pending applications. The number of new applications also grew. The department has to check many things like cyber security, immigration, infrastructure, border security, and many more things. The Australian border force manages the movement of goods and people from different countries to Australia.

Processing of Visa

Visa processing was impacted due to the closure of the borders of Australia. The citizens of Australia needed exemption so that they could leave the country and come back again. After the reopening of the borders, visa applications are being processed. In this process, 90,000 parents were granted an exemption, and parents were allowed to meet their children. There s a problem of lack of flights which is creating a problem for the visa holders to enter the country.

The 2022-2023 migration program

The current Australia migration program includes 160,000people under the migration process. In the skill category, 79,600 people will be invited, and 77,300 people will be invited for the Family category. The number of child visas is 3,000. The program has been made to recover Australia from the effects of COVID-19.

International traveling is reopened.

The recent changes are leading to the reopening of international borders in a phased manner. The border is reopening only for the fully vaccinated immigrants. The fully vaccinated people include students, refugees, skilled migrants, and people having a temporary and provisional family visa. These people can travel to Australia, and there will be no exemption for them.

The arrival of international students

Previously, the education industry in Australia was AUD37.4 billion. Now the states and territories of Australia are inviting the students back to their schools and colleges. The students are being invited on the basis of their health and the capacities of quarantine in Australia.

Australian Agricultural Visa

On September 30, 2021, the Australia Agriculture visa was introduced. This is a new temporary visa sponsored by an employer under subclass 403 temporary work visa. This visa was introduced to overcome the labor shortage for industries like horticulture, dairy, meat processing, fisheries, and forestry.

Global Talent Visa program

The Global talent program looks for such candidates who are recognized internationally for their exceptional and extraordinary achievements in any target area. Australia is always looking and inviting such candidates as they can get employment easily or can establish themselves independently.


Australia is trying its best to get rid of the effects caused due to pandemic. It is trying its best to revive its economy, and that s the reason it has introduced many programs so that immigrants can be called back. It is also in the process of dealing with the backlog of pending applications. Do you have any plans to migrate to Australia? Contact Y-Axis, the expert and no. 1 overseas migration consultancy in Australia. If you like this blog, you will also like... Everything you need to know about changes to Australia visa subclass 406, 407 & 408  


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