Every Australian resident to take part in the Census in August 2021

Census 2021 Compulsory for all Australian residents including international students, temporary migrants

Census will be conducted in Australia on August 10, 2021. The ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) will start the dispatch of census forms across households from August 1, 2021. Every Australian resident present in Australia on August 10 has to take part in the census. Non-compliance to this instruction will invite a penalty of up to $222 a day. This fine is fixed by the Census and Statistics Act 1905.

If a child is born on August 10, 2021, that child’s name too must be included in the census records.

Australian citizens who are right now stranded outside Australia aren’t required to fill the census form.

The Census Form

  • A password needed to complete the census form will be available with the form when submitted online.
  • Those not going online to access the census form have the option to post the filled paper form in a prepaid envelope. This will be provided by the ABS.
  • The form has close to 50 questions like name, country of birth, age, occupation, spoken language, and disability.
  • The whole process will take an Australian resident 30-45 minutes.
  • The form is available only in the English language. A translating and interpreting service is made available for non-English speakers. This is besides community engagement officers holding sessions to share information with Australian communities in their language and help them fill the form.
  • The data collected through the forms will be kept totally confidential, without even sharing the information with other agencies of the government.

The process of data collection will be done by September 2021. The first draft of the information will possibly be published in July 2022. The final draft will mostly be out in October 2022.

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