Your Canada PR status can now be confirmed online

How to confirm your Canada permanent residence status online

It’s now possible to confirm your Canada PR status online on the Permanent Residence portal of the Government of Canada.

The facility to confirm Canada PR status has been provided online considering the safety of applicants in the event of the COVID-19 pandemic breakout. IRCC confirms the PR status in most cases by:

  • Avoiding interviews in person
  • Providing a new portal that’s secure to use

What can the portal do for you?

Using the portal, you can:

  • Declare that you are in Canada
  • submit a recent photo that authorities will use to make your PR card
  • safely share personal information
  • confirm your address
  • get access to your proof of Canada PR status

As the principal applicant, you can act on behalf of your:

  • dependents who are minors (i.e., under 18 years of age when you applied for a Canada PR visa and
  • dependents you chose, aged above 18 years when you applied for Canada PR.

The profiles are created for your dependents. However, if you aren’t acting on their behalf, each of them will have their own username as well as password.

The portal is a separate entity from your IRCC secure account. The portal carries no information on your applications. You won’t be able to check the status of those applications.

Work of the portal

After your Canada PR application gets approved, the authorities will:

  • send you an invitation to confirm
    • your email address
    • if you want to use the portal
    • all email addresses for each person on your application
  • create an account for you (you can’t make one yourself)
  • send another email, after you confirm the above, containing a link to the portal as well as the instructions on how to sign in using your username and a temporary password

After this, you can

  • confirm that you are present in Canada
  • sign in for the first time as well as create a password of your own
  • provide new home or postal address
  • upload your photo

Your submission will be subjected to review. Once reviewed, you can see this in the portal. You are required to get your PR card within a week. It will be mailed to the address you gave while applying. The status of the review will be available on the portal.

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