EU to create easier Schengen Visa via digitalisation

EU to create easier Schengen Visa via digitalisation (1)

A proposal has been sent by the European Union Commission that the EU countries must digitalise the procedure of Schengen visa, renew the visa sticker, and predict the possibility of submitting the visa applications through the EU online visa website.

The new settlement on Asylum and Migration  have set an objective to digitalise the procedures of visa completely by the end of 2025, as this could be a chance to upgrade the procedure by decreasing the expenses and burden on the applicants and member states with advancing the security in the area.

In accordance to the Commission, the procedures of the unifying and harmonising visa application will help in avoiding “visa shopping” by applicants who may look to lodge their application with the Schengen country that provides visa application that processes faster compared to the country of their destination that they want to travel.

Furthermore, the security risks caused by the physical visa stickers which could be liable to fraud, theft and falsification, will be lowered with the help of visa digitalisation.

Those who apply for a Schengen visa will have an option to pay the fee online through the process of digitalisation on a single EU platform, irrespective of the Schengen country they plan to visit.

Immediately after receiving the application, the platform will identify the country that is accountable for reviewing the visa application. It also provides updated information on the Schengen short-stay visas and required information concerning the necessities and procedures.

Besides the information mentioned above, it has been stated that the visa will involve the state-of-art security features, that is secure compared to the visa sticker. The renewed system will assure the basic fundamental rights which are protected at all times.

The initiative of the Commission has been invited by the Commissioner of the Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson. She mentioned that a modernized process is comparatively important than half of those visiting the EU with a Schengen visa.

Johansson said, “The process of a modern visa is very important to make travelling to EU easierfor business and tourism. It is time that the EU gives a secure, fast and web-based visa application platform for all the citizens of the 102 third countries that need short term visas to travel to the EU.

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