Estonia improves border security with automated gates at airports

Estonia installs automated gates at border

Estonia has some interesting and highly effective upgrades installed at its border checkpoints. These are at Tallinn airport and Narva Road Border Crossing. The government has installed ABC systems at the gates. The system makes the whole procedure of crossing the Estonian border easier and faster. Travelers arriving in Estonia on a visitor visa or any other visa will now go through a more secure process of border surveillance. It’s essential, especially in this crucial COVID time.

This is similar to the ABC systems installed in Estonia’s neighboring countries like Lithuania, Sweden, and Finland. In view of receding COVID-19 cases and hopes of normalcy returning sooner to the international travel scene, the implementation of mechanized border security is looked at as a significant and long-lasting upgrade. It’s going to make migration overseas safer and flawless.

The ABC gates however is another layer of border security procedure applied to identify a person and conducting a traveler’s verification, making sure he/she has the right to enter into Estonia. In the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, it also provides a highly desirable contactless border check.

Both Tallinn and Narva Road Border Crossing are known for receiving a large number of persons every year in Estonia. The automated system implemented at these border checkpoints is now planned to be extended to many other crossing points at the border.

The ABC system has been identified to be very productive in helping countries to deal with potential security and other issues at the border.

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