Encouraging data on immigrants at work in Canada in June 2021 emerges

Encouraging data on immigrants at work in Canada in June 2021 emerges

Here’s interesting information for those willing to work in Canada. This is about the economic scene of Canada with regards to employment as recorded in June 2021.

  • There was some economic recovery in June 2021 though the gains in employment didn’t quite fill up the losses from the COVID-19 third wave.
  • Statistic Canada found that employment in Canada went up to 231,000 in June 2021. This came after a cumulative loss of jobs that went to 275,000 in the months prior to it.
  • In the weeks leading to the week between June 13, 2021, and June 19, 2021, Canada relaxed certain restrictions. In 8 provinces of Canada, many recreational activities, personal care services, and restaurants resumed operations.
  • Even though there were restrictions, Ontario turned out to be one of the 4 Canadian provinces to register growth in employment in June 2021. The other provinces were Nova Scotia, Quebec, and British Columbia.
  • The employment rate for immigrants residing in Canada for over 5 years came close to 57% in June 2021.
  • Other more recent immigrants registered a higher rate of employment. It came to 68% in June 2021, which was a result of a fall in the population of this category of immigrants at work in Canada.

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