Earn big in 2021: Professions with top salaries in the US

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2021 - USA

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2021 - USA

It’s a dream for many to work in USA. A career in the USA is a promising opportunity to make the most of one’s skill and talent with international exposure and recognition. If you have the opportunity to study in USA too, then the value of your qualification will make your credentials much better.

Knowing the prospects of the US job market can motivate you to apply for a US work permit visa. Especially, in these COVID-19 times, jobs in fields like automation, engineering, human resources, and healthcare have increased. As the world nations are making all efforts to recover themselves from the onslaught of the pandemic, the USA is using US immigration to good measure to find skilled foreigners to help in bringing the situation back to a positive and prosperous mode.

So, here are some of the highest paid professions in the USA in 2021 that you can look up to.

Job titleMedian annual earningsExpected shift in employment from 2019-2029% of workers holding a bachelor’s degree
Management Analyst$84,708+10.7%78%
Personal Financial Advisor$85,176+4.4%82.8%
Human Resources Manager$85,488+6.3%69.9%
Computer Programmer$85,956-9.4%73.1%
Software Quality Assurance Analyst & Tester$88,244
Mecnical Engineer$89,076+3.9%80.9%
Database Administrator & Architect$89,700+9.7%73.6%
Sales Manager$93,288+3.5%59.2%
Judge, Magistrate & misc. judicial workers$96, 512+3.1%
Chemical Engineer$96,824+4.4%88.8%
Electrical & Electronic Engineer$96,928+3.3%
Computer Hardware Engineer$98,228+1.6%81.2%
Computer Network Architect$98,904+5%55.6%
Physician Assistant$99,372+31.3%90.5%
Software Developer$99,840
Aerospace Engineer$100,828+2.8%90.1%
Computer & Information Systems Manager$104,936+10.4%74.8%
Information Security Analyst$108,056+31.2%69.2%
Chief Executive$124,904-10%71.6%
Architectural & Engineering Manager$125,476+2.6%83.4%

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