Earn big in 2021: Professions with top salaries in the UK

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2021 - UK

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions 2021 - UK

The UK is welcoming international candidates to study as well as work in the country. Educated, qualified, and experienced workers have great opportunities to start and advance their careers with great future prospects.

The points-based system of UK immigration offers a route for skilled foreign workers to come to work in the UK if they get a job offer from a UK employer who is approved by the British government.

The core basics needed for you to qualify to come to the UK and work is to be able to speak English fluently and be offered either the minimum threshold salary of £25,600 or the prevalent rate of salary for the job you are offered, whichever is higher.

Even those who study in UK and graduate from a UK university can utilize the graduate immigration route. It will help international students who have completed a degree from the UK from the summer of 2021. Then, you can look for work or work in the UK at any skill-level for not more than 2 years. If you are a Ph.D. graduate then you get 3 years to work in the UK.

Now, let’s come to an interesting observation that will motivate you to land a job in the UK. Let’s check out the highest-paid jobs in the UK in 2021. If you are in the line of professions we are going to list here, you have good reason to start attempting to immigrate to the UK.

Profession Annual income
Accounting, HR & Administration
Accounting Manager £52,500
Tax professional £48,128
Auditor £39,382
Project Manager £49,200
Health/Safety £39,992
Creative Arts & Architecture
Photographer £68,250
Architect £50,023
Choreographer £48,750
Interior Designer £36,500
Banking, Finance, & Insurance
Financial Advisor £50,000
Actuarial £47,500
Investment Advisor £47,500
Economist £45,552
Business Analyst £44,968
Childcare & Education
Professor £55,085
School Principal £45,150
Teacher £35,100
Construction & Maintenance
Superintendent £48,711
Building Inspector £43,000
Estimator £40,000
Foreman £38,025
Mining Engineer £65,000
Software Engineer £50,000
Systems Engineer £42,500
Project Engineer £41,237
Civil Engineer £40,000
Design Engineer £40,000
Chemical Engineer £40,000
Food Services
Restaurant Manager £29,456
Sous Chef £27,500
Pharma, Healthcare, & Social Services
Pathologist £93,759
Cardiologist £92,625
Psychiatrist £91,478
Dental Hygienist £62,400
Travel & Hospitality
Air Traffic Controller £50,000
Hotel General Manager £42,731
Pilot £35,933
Information Technology
Backend Developer £59,618
UX & UI £55,000
Frontend Developer £50,000
Full Stack £50,000
Journalism & Translation
Writer £35,000
Journalist £30,000
Interpreter £29,250
Security & Law Enforcement
Security Consultant £59,563
Lawyer £50,000
Sales & Marketing
Creative Director £57,489
Product Manager £43,962
Sales Manager £40,000
Sales Engineer £35,000
Community Manager £34,999
Retail, Cosmetics, & Customer Service
Makeup Artist £40,000
Data Scientist £57,729
Historian £42,500
Physicist £41,718
Shipping, Manufacturing, & Transportation
Warehouse Manager £32,500
Taxi £29,510
Delivery Driver £24,375
Logistics Coordinator £24,500

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