Distinguished Australia PR to get more relaxation for citizenship

Australia relaxes citizenship requirements

Permanent Residents and those aspiring to be Australia PR visa holders should be delighted to learn about this new move by the Australian government. The government has identified certain types of permanent residents in Australia and decided to provide them additional relaxation and fl in granting citizenship.

These special classes of Australia PR include talent visa holders and athletes in the Australian Commonwealth Games, besides senior business people, ship crew, distinguished artists, and research scientists.

This new move was announced by Alex Hawke, Australia’s Minister of Immigration. He stated that he urged the Home Affairs to provide flexibility to these classes of people. He thinks that exceptional people like them mustn’t be prevented from becoming citizens in Australia. He thinks that it’s necessary to consider the unique demands as regards work and travel that those people have.

The flexibility factor

Any Australia PR in the special categories mentioned above will now only need to live in Australia for a minimum of 480 days instead of 3 years as it was up till now.

It’s believed that this move will inspire distinguished visa holders to make their contributions with more efficiency in their respective target sectors.

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