A decline in migration poses concern for Germany

Germany falls two thirds short of its immigration caps

Germany immigration has to step up as Germany is facing a downward trend in migration for a while now. This was reflected in 2020 when under 67,500 people migrated to the country and sought asylum there. This information came out from the latest government statistics. It was released by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Even the fact that the number would reach 94,000 if children of asylum seekers in 2019 were counted, doesn’t hide the fact that there has been a significant decline in the number of people who migrated to Germany in 2020.

It hardly helps to cite COVID-19 as the reason for the lower number of migrants in 2020. In fact, the lower numbers in 2020 of those arriving in Germany on a visa like Germany visit visa has been the continuation of a trend of decline that was evident in 2019 itself.

The opposition party in Germany is putting the blame of this situation on the “isolation policies” of Germany. This indicates the introduction of caps and quotas on asylum and regular immigration in 2018. They argue that caps have done nothing useful as the number of migrants in 2019-2020 has been just 1/3rd of the allowed number of migrants in Germany. Considering the rise in the number of refugees and migrants around the world in 2020, this trend poses a huge concern for Germany migration.

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