Croatia is now open to US, third country citizens

Croatia reopens borders for US

Croatia has opened its borders for all third-country citizens including US nationals. They were allowed to enter Croatia for tourism, business, or other essential personal reasons.

Croatia is a non-Schengen member state of the EU. Considering the entry ban imposed by EU generally on the US and most of the third-countries, Croatia’s decision to allow USnationals with a visitor visa inside its territories is observed as an independent decision. The country has reopened its borders to all EU/EEA nationals. It has also permitted individuals who are permanent residents in EU/EEA countries.

This move was brought into effect from July 1, 2020. Those who are now allowed to enter Croatia under the new measure should produce valid and relevant proof as part of the immigration process.

Croatia has also removed the compulsory quarantine and self-isolation restrictions for such travelers upon arrival. But in case it is found necessary, such restrictions may be imposed selectively to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A “Pamphlet with Recommendations and Instructions from the Croatian Institute of Public Health” is given to travelers arriving in the country. The instructions and recommendations in the document are to be followed by the travelers for 2 weeks upon arrival in Croatia.

The US was missing in the list of 15 epidemiologically safe countries recognized by the EU Council to which it recommended EU member states to reopen their borders. However, if US nationals who reside in any of these safe countries wish to enter EU member states, they may be permitted if the member state he/she is trying to visit has allowed it.

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