Canadian citizenship – How to get there and what to find

Canada Citizenship

Canada’s percentage of immigrants turning to citizens is one of the highest in the world. Canada stands above major Western countries in this regard.

In Canada, citizenship can be had either through birth or by naturalization. For those who are ready for Canada immigration, naturalization is something to understand and attempt to become a citizen.

Citizenship is the mark of an immigrant’s successful integration with the country in all expected ways. Only citizenship can give an immigrant the right to vote and improve employment opportunities.

There are many benefits that come with Canadian citizenship. These include:

  • Only a citizen has the right to take part in Canadian politics. A citizen can be part of municipal, provincial, or federal elections casting votes or running for elections. They can also take part in the management of different levels of the Government of Canada.
  • Canadian citizenship is necessary to work in Canada, employed in jobs that need a high level of security. E.g. Jobs at the federal level.
  • Canadian citizens are eligible for dual or multiple citizenships.

Eligibility for Canadian citizenship

A person is eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship if they fulfil eligibility criteria like:

  • The applicant must have Canadian permanent residency
  • The applicant must have resided in Canada for a minimum of 3 years (or 1,095 days) out of the 5 years that has passed before applying
  • The applicant must be able to speak either or both English or French, which are Canada’s official languages, well enough to communicate in Canadian society
  • The applicant mustn’t have a criminal history considered one that prohibits granting Canadian citizenship
  • The applicant must pass a test that proves that they are aware of the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens besides having a basic knowledge of Canada’s history, political system, and geography

Proper documents must be produced before the government authorities to prove that the applicant has met the prescribed eligibility criteria. This submission will be followed by a citizenship test and a citizenship interview. Passing both these will grant the applicant citizenship.

How often applicants becomecitizens?

Canada centers its social and economic plans and targets on immigration. Hence, with immigration Canada gives all the best elements for an overseas settlement for immigrants. The nation ensures that the immigrant’s transition to becoming a citizen be successful and convenient.

With naturalization, the ability of an immigrant to increase his/her earnings and get benefits from the labor market improves considerably. This in turn creates motivated individuals who work hard and heartily for the country and add to its prosperity.

From what has been observed so far in Canada, most immigrants who qualify for Canadian citizenship end up acquiring it.

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