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Posted on April 12 2023

Canada's $200 billion healthcare budget signals high demand for professionals

By  Editor
Updated October 07 2023

Highlights: Canadian government commits additional $200 billion in funding healthcare sector in Budget 2023

  • Both territorial and provincial governments requested additional funding from the federal government.
  • Plans to spend over $200 billion on healthcare over the next 10 years.
  • Aims to clear diagnostic and surgical backlogs and pressure on the healthcare system due to labor shortages.
  • To keep up with the high demand for skilled workers in Canada’s healthcare sector.
  • Total of $46.2 billion in funds will be allocated to Canadian provinces and territories
  • Budget of $13 billion is proposed for implementing a Dental Care Plan over the next 5 years.

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Steps towards easing pressure on Canada’s healthcare system

Canada faces huge diagnostic and surgical backlogs in its healthcare system across all provinces and territories, especially in emergency rooms and pediatric hospitals. Due to the global pandemic, around 700,000 surgeries and associated medical procedures have been delayed, increasing backlogs and waitlists.

Therefore, with a proposal of $200 billion for the next 10 years, the Canadian government strives to deliver faster access to healthcare facilities, reduce the backlog and support tens and thousands of additional surgeries.

Dental care plan for Canadians and Immigrants

As per the latest Budget 2023, an agreement has been drafted between the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Liberal government to create a ‘National Dental Plan’ for all uninsured Canadians.

Funding of $13 billion has been proposed for over 5 years to implement the Canadian Dental Care Plan.

Earlier, Dental care was not covered under healthcare programs managed in provinces and was often out of reach for low-income groups. But according to the new plan, dental coverage will be provided to uninsured Canadians, including temporary and permanent residents.

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