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Posted on March 10 2023

Bill C-19 brings changes to Express Entry CRS score evaluation

By Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Highlights: Changes in Express Entry CRS Score evaluation

  • The Express Entry system of Canada will have multiple amendments due to Bill C-19.
  • Comprehensive Ranking System will undergo changes because of the amendment.
  • The primary aim of the bill is to address the workforce shortage in Canada.
  • The groupings of candidates will be done on the basis of economic goals.
  • The economic goal will be specified for each category.

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Abstract: The introduction of Bill C-19 will implement multiple changes in the Express Entry System.

The Express Entry system of Canada will undergo multiple amendments as Bill C19 was passed by royal assent. The new amendments will introduce changes to the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. It is used to assess and rank international individuals in the Express Entry pool.

In the new system, groupings will be done on the basis of economic goals, academic qualifications, employment, or the required proficiency in the English or French language. The applicants will be invited on the basis of these "groupings" set by the IRCC.

This bill's primary aim is to address Canada's workforce shortage and demographic needs.

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Bill C-19 to introduce changes in Express Entry CRS score

The details of the changes in the Express Entry evaluation due to Bill C-19 are given below:

  1. Nomination on the basis of new groups and categories

The new bill includes instructions to implement additional filters for the candidates in the Express Entry pool for groups and categories rather than immigration class. It will be the foundation for issuing an ITA or Invitation to apply for Canada PR.

  1. Invitations to Apply for PR to certain eligibility criteria

With the introduction of changes, new categories with updated eligibility criteria to ease the process of ranking will be designed. If the international individual is eligible for more than one category, the invitation would mention the categories in which the candidate can apply.

  1. Economic goals to be specified with each category

The new bill requires the authorities to mention the economic goal the recently established category will support.

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  1. Applicants who lost points due to age can now get PR

The new bill will specify the reasons that facilitate Express Entry Canada PR visas to be offered to candidates who have been issued an ITA but might have lost eligibility due to changes.

  1. Report to include categories for international individuals

The annual report submitted to the Parliament should include instructions to create any category for international individuals in Express Entry. The instructions should constitute the economic goal it supports and the number of ITAs issued in this category.

The categories under the Express Entry will also experience changes in Bill C-19. The following categories will be introduced to changes:

  • CEC or Canadian Experience Class
  • FSWP or Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • FSTP or Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • PNP or Provincial Nominee Program

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