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Posted on March 29 2022

Canada vs. Australia vs. UK - Immigration Points Comparison

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023
There are five major factors on the basis of which points are given to the immigrants. These factors include:
  • Age
  • Education
  • Experience and job offer
  • Language skills
  • Spouse or partner skills
Points given according to the age factor For Australia, immigrants in the age range of 25 to 32 get the highest points. People in this age range get higher chances of getting a visa to migrate to Australia. For Canada, immigrants in the age range of 18 and 35 get the highest points, and they have the chance of migrate to Canada. Age factor is not considered in the points system for migrating to the UK. Points given according to the education factor For Australia, diploma holders get 10 points, bachelor's and master's degree holders get 15 points, and candidates having doctorate get 20 points. The range of points for the education factor in Canada is between 5 and 25. Doctorate and PhD holders get the maximum points. For the UK, immigrants having a PhD for a job get ten points while PhD holders in any STEM subject get 20 points. These points will help in migrate to the UK. Points given according to the work experience and job offer factor For work in Australia, Immigrants outside Australia having experience of less than three years get no points, but 3-4 year experience holders get 5 points. The highest number of points is gained by people having 8+ years of experience gained within Australia. *Check your eligibility to migrate to Australia through Y-Axis Australia Immigration Points Calculator.   For work in Canada, the points range is between 1 and 15 for experience. People having experience of six years or more get 15 points. For work in the UK, a job offered by an approved sponsor or a job offer for a skilled level get 20 points. Immigrants will also get 20 points if their job offer will provide a salary of £25,600. People having a job in SOL will also get 20 points.
Factors Countries Category Points
Age Australia 18-24 25
25-32 30
33-39 25
40-45 15
Canada 18-35 12
36 11
37 10
38 9
39 8
40 7
41 6
42 5
43 4
44 3
45 2
46 1
The UK No points granted for age
Education Australia Diploma 10
Bachelor’s/Master’s 15
Doctorate 20
Canada HS or SC Diploma 5
College Certificate 15
Degree/Diploma (2 years) 19
Bachelor’s Degree 21
BS/MBA/Master’s 23
Doctorate/Ph.D. 25
The UK Ph.D. in a subject relevant to the job 10
Ph.D. in a STEM subject 20
Work Experience/Job Offer Australia 1-3 (exp outside Australia) 0
3-4 (exp outside Australia) 5
5-7 (exp outside Australia) 10
8+ (exp outside Australia) 15
3-4 (exp in Australia) 10
5-7 (exp in Australia) 15
8+ (exp in Australia) 20
Canada 1 9
02-Mar 11
04-May 13
6+ 15
The UK Job offer from an approved sponsor 20
Job at skill level 20
Job with salary from £23,040 to £25,599 10
Job with salary more than £25,600 20
Job in Skilled Occupation List 20
Language Skills Australia Competent English 0
Proficient English 10
Superior English 20
Canada CLB 9 or higher 6
CLB 8 5
CLB 7 4
French language skills 4
The UK Required level of English skill (mandatory) 10
Skills of Partner/Spouse Australia Spouse/Partner meets criteria for age and English skills 10
Canada Spouse/Partner has English/French language skills at CLB level 4 or higher 5
The UK No points granted for this section
Points given according to the language skills factor For Australia, immigrants having superior English skills get 20 points while people having proficient English skills get 10 points. No point is given to the people having basic English skills. For Canada, people having the score of CLB 9 or higher get six points. Check your eligibility to migrate to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator. CLB 8 scorers get 7 points while CLB 7 scorers get 4 points. Additional 4 points are given to the people having French language skill. For the UK, if immigrants can speak the English language at required level get ten points. Points given according to the spouse or partner skills factor For Australia, your spouse or partner gets ten points if the criteria of English, age, and skills are met. For Canada, your spouse or partner will get five points if the score is CLB 4 or more in either English or French. They should have the ability of listening, reading, writing, and speaking any of the languages. This language ability will give 5 points. For the UK, no points are considered for spouse or partner skills factor. Check your eligibility to migrate to the UK through Y-Axis UK Immigration Points Calculator. Total points for each nation to become eligible for migration Total points for Australia immigration should be 65 for the following visas
  • Subclass 491
  • Subclass 190
  • Subclass 489
For Canasta, if people are applying for Canada PR through Express Entry System, they have to score 67 points. Candidates have to score 70 points to work in the UK. Planning to Migrate overseas? Talk to Y-Axis Australia, the leading migration consultant agency in Australia. For more information, visit Y-Axis blogs


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