Canada jobs surge back in February as Omicron wanes, 3.4 lakh jobs added

Canada jobs surge back in February as Omicron wanes, 3.4 lakh jobs added

The labor market in Canada has arisen as the effect of Omicron is declining. A survey conducted by the Canadian jobs labor force has stated that around 337,000 jobs have been added. This increase in jobs in Canada has brought down the unemployment rate up to 5.5 percent.

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  • Employment rose in every province
  • Males aged between 25 and 54 see that employment rose to 88.2 percent
  • Women saw the employment rate rose to 81 percent

Rise in employment rate and fall of the unemployment rate

The employment rate rose in every province. Around 194,300 jobs were added in Ontario, and in Quebec, the unemployment rate fell to 4.5 percent.

Jobs for different age groups

Females have observed an increase in both full-time and part-time job opportunities. Males aged between 25 and 54 years saw that the employment rate has grown up to 88.2 percent. In the same age group, females saw that employment rose up to 81 percent.

In the age group of 15 to 24, males saw jobs have arisen up to 67,000, and for females, it is 63,000. For males, employment rose to 60 percent, and for females, it is 57 percent. Men above 55 years can find a rise in part-time jobs, and for women, there is an additional 42,000 jobs.

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Labor force survey highlights

The below table will show the highlights:

Survey Percentage
Unemployment rate (%) 5.5
Employment rate (%) 61.8
Labour force participation rate (%) 65.4
Number unemployed 11,35,500
Number working 1,95,12,700
Youth (15-24) unemployment rate (%) 10.9
Men (over 25) unemployment rate (%) 4.7
Women (over 25) unemployment rate (%) 4.5

Unemployment rate in different provinces

The below table describes the percentage of unemployment in each province of Canada.

Provinces Jobs change in last month Unemployment rate (%)
British Columbia 21,000 4.9
Alberta 8,200 6.8
Saskatchewan 7,400 4.7
Manitoba 6,400 4.8
Ontario 1,94,300 5.5
Quebec 81,500 4.5
New Brunswick 1,200 7.9
Nova Scotia 3,700 6.6
Prince Edward Island 3,300 9
Newfoundland & Labrador 9,500 12.3
CANADA 3,36,600 5.5


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