Canada immigration to be back in top shape with COVID-19 vaccination

Canada to get COVID-19 vaxx in 2021

Good news is around the corner for Canada immigration as the push-back against the COVID-19 pandemic has begun with vaccines now being made available. It’s expected that the majority of Canadians will get vaccinated by September 2021 and will help reach herd immunity.

Herd immunity is the condition where most of the people in a country will be immune to the pandemic, which will stop the spread of the virus. This is expected to begin early in the secondhalf of 2021. The percentage of herd immunity expected to be achieved is calculated anywhere between 50% and 90%.

With the vaccinations available in 2021, Canada can even start off with reopening immigration for those who are ready to arrive to study or work in Canada. Canadian provinces have already shown a great deal of resilience to the pandemic, with its tech and other industrial sectors keeping up to it.

The tech sector has especially shown great will and vigor in how it has performed in provinces like Ottawa, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. There has been a steady growth of postsecondary STEM graduates.The government has been granting tax credits along with offering a conducive ecosystem for start-up companies.

Tech giants as well as emerging companies are investing and operating in Canada to utilize the presence of talent in cloud computing, AI, bio-engineering, and similar fields. The federal Global Talent Stream has served as a pathway for skilled and experienced talent to Canada.

With big targets for immigration Canada has set for the 2021-2023 period, the distribution of such arrivals will have 60% in the economic class, then the family class, followed by refugees.

The long-term economic recovery and growth are highly pegged on Canada PR volume which is crucial for Canada. With the positive signs of recovery from the pandemic, Canada and its provinces are all set for a leap again in immigration.

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PR – Permanent Residence

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

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