Canada doing its best to attract tech-skilled foreigners

Canada solving tech labor needs

Canada’s labor market has suffered from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the country is making efforts to attract skilled foreign workers to fill its labor market job vacancies. A report has been published by Innovation Economy Council in December 2020 citing Canada’s efforts in this direction.

Though jobs in the IT sector suffered losses due to COVID-19-induced lockdown, STEM jobs have shown better performance and have recovered very well. STEM-related employment across Canada was 8.7% higher in October 2020 than in February 2020. Such jobs include engineers, programmers, and other tech workers.

The flexibility of transitioning online has kept tech jobs intact even in the face of pandemic-related issues. The tech giants who have stationed in Canada take advantage of this fact and are trying to recruit more tech-savvy candidates in Canada.

Toronto is now called Silicon Valley. But even with the best environment present in Canada, many skilled people have been moving to the US eyeing higher salaries. This drain of bright Canadians has been going on till recently when US President Donald Trump suspended the H-1B program.

Canadian companies took this opportunity to attract people from the US to work in Canada. But since there is a gap that is created in the tech jobs scene due to the movement of tech graduates from Canada to the US, Canada is forced to compensate with foreign talent.

This is where Canada immigration plays a significant role. The country has set a high target of 400,000 new Canada PRs per year between 2021 and 2023. This influx of immigrants will also contain the solution to the tech jobs crisis it’s facing and lead to economic recovery.

The GTS is a fast-track federal immigration program that helps employers attract and keep highly skilled TFWs. Employers recruiting foreign employees under the GTS will have to get an LMIA.

Canada’s immigration process is streamlined with features like fast visa processing and greater opportunities. A foreign national can arrive in Canada via GTS within 4 weeks in which 2 weeks will all that be taken to process the application.

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STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

TFW – Temporary Foreign Workers

LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment

GTS – Global Talent Stream

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