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Posted on September 21 2021

Canada immigration in 2022 - How easy will it be for you?

By Editor
Updated November 15 2023

We are fast approaching 2022, a year of hope after all that we have gone through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to Canada immigration, the question is what better scenarios can Canada present to aspiring immigrants.

Those who have completed their studies overseas, as you may have now, and are deeply interested in career prospects in Canada, could have a question in their minds: how easy will it be to migrate to Canada in 2022?

To see the possibilities of an even more impressive resurgence in Canada immigration in 2022, we will have to track down the path it’s moving on in 2021. Surely, the prospects in Canada for immigrants are far superior to most world countries. But what hopes it can give you can be learned from an examination of the immigration scenario in Canada.

The dream of Canada PR

So, let’s start with what everyone who wants to arrive in Canada wants to go for: permanent residence. Right now, it’s a great opportunity for you if your credentials like age, education, work experience, and language proficiency are going to back you well in your attempts at Canada PR.

Even those who are ready to come to work in Canada in specialized and in-demand occupations, prospects look promising. After the COVID-19, Canada has changed its immigration policy to accommodate more immigrants. There’s a huge immigration target of 401,000 set for 2021 and 411,000 for 2022. The CRS scores to qualify, which you earn based on factors we mentioned above, are also lower than ever!

The opportunity to grab the prized Canada PR is closer to those already in Canada as TFWs and the likes. But as the travel restrictions get lifted more, overseas candidates will get better chances to come to Canada to work and eventually settle as permanent residents.

Immigration as the primary source

Marco Mendicino, the Minister of Immigration in Canada, stated that immigration is the highest prominent factor in the plans to accelerate the Canadian economy. And it’s not just the economy that benefits from immigration in Canada. The demography of Canada also requires immigration, which is why there will be more decisions from Canada to increase immigration in the coming years.

It was owing to international migration to Canada that its population was growing remarkably (89% in 2019) before the pandemic struck. The pandemic compounded whatever effect an economic crisis that was lingering since 2010 had on population growth.

In order to make up for the loss of immigrants in 2020, Canada increased its newcomer target to 401,000 in 2021 from 351,000. That will be 411,000 in 2022 and even more in 2023!

Canada made history by inviting 27,000 immigration candidates in February 2021 with a minimum CRS requirement of 75. Then, in May 2021, 90,000 expats in Canada with a temporary visa status were granted Canada PR under a temporary pathway that was introduced. Those involved were 40,000 international graduates, 20,000 workers in healthcare, and 30,000 people in other essential jobs.

What could make it easier to migrate to Canada?

Canada would keep going with many steps it has already taken in 2021 to give you the opportunity to migrate to the country. These steps include:

  • Selectively giving you access to a less complex procedure of migration
  • Giving leniency as regards test requirements to qualify as in language tests
  • Giving more time to collect and submit documents without keeping you waiting to migrate
  • Making better use of technology to make it easier to present necessary proofs and check factors (e.g., ArriveCAN)
  • A possibility of more pathways to bring new immigrants onboard in Canada

Looking at all these developments, it can be surely deduced that the opportunities to immigrate are definitely going to be more accessible at the federal and provincial levels. So, keep a track of the developments in Canada immigration and grab your best chance in 2022.

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