Canada gives answers to FAQs on its new immigration streams

Canada answers FAQs on new immigration streams

Canada launched 6 new Canada PR streams on May 6, 2021, for international graduates and essential workers. Approximately, 90,000 spots will be available for Canada immigration candidates to apply for.

Below are some of the FAQs that interested people like you had to ask. Check them out and learn more about the new immigration pathways.

In the application, can I include names of dependents too?

Yes. Common-law partners, spouses, and children under 22 years of age may be added to the application. Children with disabilities could be above 22 years of age.

What are the steps to be taken to apply for the new streams?

IRCC states the following steps:

  1. Check your eligibility
  2. Collect your documents
  3. Complete the application
  4. Make fees payments
  5. Submit your application

How to make a request for accommodation in case I am disabled?

Please notify IRCC that you need an application of an alternative format owing to your disability. Capped streams will require you to make sure that your request for accommodation is received by May 20, 2021. Or else, it must be received before the intake cap has been reached. Whichever happens later is applied.

IRCC will take requests via email or phone to its CSC. If you send an email to, do include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Telephone number
  • Mailing address
  • The alternative format you need
  • The stream you are applying for
  • Whether you wish to get the format via email or mail
  • The confirmation that you are asking for accommodation owing to a disability

What forms do I need to fill out?

Here is a list of forms that principal applicants must fill to submit:

  • IMM 0008 – Generic application form for Canada
  • IMM 5406 – Additional family information
  • IMM 5669 – Schedule A – Background/Declaration
  • IMM 0130 – Schedule 3 – TR to PR pathway

Other forms you may have to fill out in case they are applicable include:

  • IMM0008 DEP – Additional dependents/declaration
  • IMM 5604 – Statutory declaration of common-law union
  • IMM 5604 – Declaration from parent/guardian not accompanying, for minors moving to Canada
  • IMM 5476 – Use of a representative

How will IRCC Canada process applications?

The processing of the applications will be done in the order they are received.

How should I submit my application?

You can submit your application via the new online portal that IRCC will open for this. It will have a “How to Apply Tool”. This tool will help you decide under which stream you must apply. A wizard is present to make an eligibility assessment.

You will have to agree to a few terms and conditions. After that, proceed to create an account using your email and also create a password. A message will reach you in the email you provided. It will have a verification code. The code can be used to complete creating an account. Then, you can go on and sign in.

Once you sign in, you will find a document checklist. It will have the new IMM 0008 form too. Make sure that your forms are validated. Submit the forms with 2D barcodes.

The form doesn’t have a signature. Attestation at the end is treated as the client’s signature. The only form that needs a wet signature is the representative form. A separate spot is there to upload this form.

You will also be asked to submit miscellaneous documentation. This could include your study experience or proof of eligible work in Canada. You can use additional spots meant for dependents to add files in case it’s needed.

Now you will see an acknowledgment and consent form as well as a privacy statement. Go through it and press the “Submit your application” button to submit your application.

This will be followed by a page confirming the submission of your application.

Once you file your application, you can view your submission.

Can my immigration representative submit the application for me?

You can keep an immigration representative. Nevertheless, you must upload the application yourself onto the IRCC website.

I have eligibility for both international graduate and essential worker stream. So, can I submit more than one application?

Yes. Just pay the application fees twice.

Which stream will be applicable for processing my application in case I have eligibility for multiple streams?

You can choose a stream when you submit your application.

Right now, I am not working (like I am out of work, on sick leave, on maternity leave, laid off temporarily, etc.). Can I apply?

No. The eligibility criteria require that you are currently employed. It doesn’t matter what the job is or is it a full-time or part-time occupation as long as you meet all other requirements for eligibility.

What’s the application fee?

For principal applicants, the application fee is $1,050. Nevertheless, there may be other fees you require to pay (viz., if you are including dependents in your application).

What’s the processing standard?

It’s not known yet. IRCC, in its technical briefing on May 4, 2021, said that in 2021 it expects to process 40,000 applications.

Should I submit my score of CELPIP or IELTS General Training with my application?


Am I eligible to apply if I hold a study permit?

Yes. Nevertheless, you must meet all other eligibility criteria of one of the streams.

As an international student, can my work experience in an essential occupation be used under an essential worker stream?

Yes. You can apply, as long as you got a minimum of 1,560 hours of work experience in Canada in the last 3 years. The experience must be in an essential occupation.

Need my current job to be in an essential occupation so that I may be eligible to apply?

No. You only need to show that you have 1,560 hours of work experience in Canada in the last 3 years. This experience must be in an essential occupation in an essential worker stream.

Those who want to apply under a graduate stream don’t require to demonstrate that they have work experience in an essential occupation.

What kind of job do I require to be eligible under an international graduate stream?

Any job will do, whether it’s part-time or full-time. It must be a paid job. Work under self-employed doesn’t count.

Can I apply in case I’m right now on maintained status (known as “implied status” earlier)?


I am waiting for the approval of my PGWP (Post-Graduation Work Permit) application. Can I apply?


I have already submitted an Express Entry profile, or have got an invitation for Canada PR, or have applied under another Canada immigration program. Can I apply?

Yes. You must remit the application fees for each option you pursue respectively.

Need I obtain an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) for my foreign education?

No. Foreign education isn’t assessed under these streams. Hence, you aren’t needed to submit an ECA with your application.

Can my work experience as self-employed in an occupation deemed essential in Canada count to the requirement of 1,560-hour work experience for the essential worker streams?

No. Unless you are medical doctor self-employment will not count. Even if you are a self-employed medical doctor, you have to fulfill other eligibility criteria. You must produce proof that you were working as an employee.

How can I show my intention to live anywhere else in Canada if I live in Quebec or have lived in Quebec before?

You can show proof such as your plans to move outside of Quebec, your new place of residence, if you have a job in another territory or province, etc.

Must I submit my medical reports at the time of application?


In case you have completed an IME (Immigration Medical Exam) before, you may submit that information when applying. If the IME can’t be used for this application for Canada PR, IRCC will notify you that you must complete a new IME. If you haven’t completed an IME before, IRCC urges you to try to complete it before lodging an application.

If you can’t complete your IME before submitting your application owing to interruptions related to COVID-19, IRCC wants you to give proof that you have scheduled a medical appointment with a physician in the panel. This must be given when you apply.

After I submit my application, what happens?

After you submit your application, IRCC will check for its completeness and make sure that:

  • all necessary forms have been completed properly before submission
  • payment has been made against a processing fee
  • every required document listed in the application guide has been submitted

After your application is received you will receive an acknowledgment through email that:

  • provides you with your IRCC application number
  • provides basic information for contacting the IRCC office that’s responsible to process your file
  • gives you a brief outline of processing steps in the future

IRCC gives the recommendation to link your application to your online account after receiving your application number. This way you can stay updated about the case status information. You can also get online updates for your application. You can change your Sign-In Partner or switch to a GC Key as well.

Then, an IRCC officer will conduct a detailed application review for you. If your application makes it through, you (and the members of your family if applicable) will get Canada PR status.

How can delays be avoided in processing my application?

According to IRCC, the following scenarios may result in a delay in processing:

  • Unclear copies of documents
  • Verification of your documents and information by the IRCC
  • A medical condition owing to which you must complete more consultations or tests
  • Security or criminal problems
  • Necessary consultation by the IRCC with other offices abroad or in Canada

How can I make sure that the processing of my application is done at the earliest?

  • Send all information and documents asked for in your application
  • Make remittances of application fees and fees for biometrics (if necessary)
  • Submit your biometrics at the earliest (if necessary)
  • Notify IRCC if there’s a change in your contact information

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