Busting 3 major myths about Australia immigration

Australia immigration

So, you have done your studies in Australia and are now eager to set your footing firm in Australia through immigration. However, you are barely ready before you got some myths regarding Australia immigration cleared.

Here we are to debunk certain common myths about Australia immigration. It’s easy to hear a lot of misconceptions shared as facts and even advice. But why take the wrong route when you have us to guide you right?

Keep reading as we debunk few myths about Australia immigration:

Myth 1 – Studying in Australia is an assured pathway to Australia PR

The fact is that your chance of getting an Australia PR is not entirely decided or assured by the fact that you studied in Australia. Studying in Australia could just be a factor that adds value to your profile while considering your opportunity at getting permanent residence. Your eligibility for getting PR in Australia is decided by a combination of other factors too like your proficiency in English, your work experience, and age.

Since you are young enough and equipped with the knowledge to start working in your field, try for a work visa first. Gain some work experience and build a base to make your move for Australia PR.

Myth 2 – Offshore work experience will get recognized in Australia for sure

To expect that your qualifications and work experience in any field in your home country will be accepted in Australia unconditionally is wrong. Australia has a regulatory body that checks whether your qualifications and work experience from your home country match the standards and requirements of Australia. If it could be upgraded to match the Australian requirements, you will have to attend a bridging program, after which you will be deemed eligible to live and work in Australia.

Myth 3 – Exaggerated claims on an EOI application is helpful in getting an Australian visa

If you really wish to make a smooth transition to Australia without any hassles or repercussions, please make no exaggerated claims or false statements. It helps to be honest and straightforward when it comes to applying for visas. The experienced authorities who go through your EOI application, like thousands of others, can point out any attempt you make to state anything more than or other than what is true.

If they caught your bluff, which they will when you fail to produce sufficient documentation to back your claims, your visa will get rejected.

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We guess these major myths debunked for you will help you stay clear with doing the needful to apply for an Australia work visa. For more queries in the procedures and processes of Australia immigration, contact Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 immigration & visa company. Click here to connect with us.

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PR – Permanent Residence

EOI – Expression of Interest

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