Britain to restrict migrants to the high-skilled class

Boris Johnson new immigration policy

The vision of Britain post-Brexit has been to work towards a golden age. The British PM, Mr. Boris Johnson, with his new cabinet, has chalked out plans to achieve this. These plans include immigration reforms. There will be measures that will end the UK’s dependence on cheap and low-skilled labor.

The new immigration policy will make Britain the best country to work abroad for skilled workers. Britain will adopt a points-based system for immigration. This will lead to prioritizing skilled workers who are paid higher. The payments will be commensurate to their roles and skills.

The focus now is on reducing the overall count of immigrants. It will be ensured that low-skilled workers won’t make it into the country. The points-based system will give more points to skilled migrants. These migrants will have job offers from sponsors in Britain. They will be offered a salary not less than £25,600. They will also need to have good English skills.

There are also special sector-by-sector visas planned to be introduced. This will help to tackle worker shortages. There will also be seasonal visas available for certain jobs.

Skilled workers from outside the EU are expected to find better chances in Britain now. These will be especially in scientific research and technical trades. In further developments, Britain will be giving extra points for young migrants. The government is planning to shake off the burden of low-skilled migrants. It could streamline development. This will be achieved with the contributions of youngsters. The young qualified migrants will handle high-skilled jobs.

The new points-based immigration will reduce earlier complications in assessing migrants. The earlier assessment of applicants was based on age, qualifications and experience. Now, the system has been simplified by setting a salary threshold as the filter.

Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has recommended the EOI system for UK immigration. This will be like what is implemented in New Zealand and Australia. EOI will remove the instability in the number of points required in each admission round.

With EOI, the immigrants will first apply with their willingness to work in Britain. These applications will go into a profile pool.  From the pool, eligible candidates will be chosen for invitations. The advantage comes from the fact that the profiles will stay in the pool for a while. These will be easily accessible and used before fresh applications are sought. This will help to deal with resource requirements more effectively.

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