Bloomberg’s immigration reforms to be an overhaul in effect

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Michael Bloomberg is America’s Democratic Party candidate. He is up in the race of 2020 US Presidential elections. He has been New York city’s Mayor from 2002 to 2013. He is also the owner, co-founder, and CEO of Bloomberg L.P.

He recently talked about his vision for US immigration. He expressed his desire to overhaul the immigration scene. He has proposed to overturn certain existing policies. He said that these policies go against American values. His plans aim to increase the role of immigration in addressing America’s regional needs.

He elaborated on the reinstatement of American values in immigration. He talked about his intentions to lift travel bans at the US border. He criticized the current stringent policies causing family separations and estrangements.

Bloomberg thinks that a place-based visa system is necessary. He thinks it will enable different regions and areas of the USA to fulfill economic and social needs. He has also proposed to create a start-up visa meant for entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs will be key to generating jobs in their regions. Their ventures will allow qualified international students to apply for Green Cards. These students will be degree holders in many key fields. These key fields will include STEM, health and business.

With the influx of these skilled people to the US, the shortage of human resources can be solved. There will be more foreign-born healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. They will serve the rural population, where they will be present, thanks to regional visas. This will also help in ensuring services to under-served communities in the US.

Bloomberg’s immigration perspective is, as he claims, the result of his experience as New York’s Mayor. In that capacity, he has already helped immigrants in the city. He has guaranteed access to city services and critical medical care. He has also protected victims of crime no matter what their immigration status were.

Such a vision for immigration should be interesting. It will create opportunities that are positive. It may very well be the right time to think of alleviating the agonies of tough immigration policies. Such a move can once again lift the image of the USA as migrant-friendly among world nations.

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