Boston Consulting survey got a new winner at the top: Canada

The conclusion came from the latest Boston Consulting survey

Canada has overtaken the US to be the best destination in the world to work. This came forth from a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group.

The position of the US as the second-best destination in the world to work came at a very narrow margin with Australia, which is ranked third on the list. Singapore and New Zealand came at the 5th spot on the list.

The result coming out this way is most possibly due to the individual performance of countries during the COVID-19 crisis. While Canada did phenomenal work for those who were willing to work in Canada, the US faltered a lot, thanks to its policies towards immigrants last year.

The Boston Consulting survey was conducted with a couple hundred thousand workers participating in 190 countries. They were asked where they would most prefer to move to in case they had to.

The inability of the US to handle the COVID-19 pandemic also made the country step down in the rankings as per this survey. Canada on the other hand did the best at both ends: managing to contain and control the spread of the pandemic and keeping several pathways of Canada immigration active with proper preventive measures.

While the last Boston Consulting survey in 2018 had the US on top, many factors have contributed to the fall of the country in the ranking this time.

In the meanwhile, Australia jumped to the third position from the fourth in the previous survey, where it had reached from a seventh in the same survey conducted earlier! So, there’s a lot Australia can be glad about and can now focus to work on to take on 2 of the most prominent pullers of immigrants in the world.

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