The digital green pass could soon be the norm in Europe

EU reveals plans for Digital Vaccine Certificates in a bid to safely restore travel

The digital Green Pass is coming. Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the EU Commission, has revealed the Commission’s plans to create a digital green pass that will be issued to those who are found free from the COVID-19 pandemic. With it, for those who are trying to move abroad immigration could become a process under more stringent requirements.

The digital green card is a step towards restoring travel for the purposes of tourism and business. The information included in the green pass include:

  • If the pass-holder is vaccinated against COVID-19 or not
  • If the pass-holder hasn’t got vaccinated, what the results of the COVID-19 tests done on such traveler before departure to the destination country are

With the digital green pass, travel and tourism are expected to come back to normal gradually whereby EU nationals can travel within the EU safely and freely. At least 3 months is expected to prepare the digital certificate and develop the interoperable digital system on a scale implementable in the whole of Europe.

Other concerns around the digital vaccine certificate are regarding data privacy and data security.

However, there is a good amount of criticism and objection to the vaccination certificate. People are against the idea that without the vaccine certificate, nothing a common man needs to access, like workplace, restaurants, schools, and driver’s license will be allowed, leaving such a person as good as dead. There is also the question raised that if the EU is proposing mandatory vaccine certificates/passports, will it not go against WHO and the Council of Europe’s decree against such a practice.

Yet the possibility of introducing such a vaccination passport in the EU is not yet ruled out and it will possibly affect migration overseas to the EU in a big way.

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