Act smart – How to cope with losing the H1B visa lottery

What to do when H1B visa rejected

Lately, the US has tightened the issuance of H1B visa. That means chances are higher to fail to squeeze through the crowd and get one. An aspiring jobseeker attempts at the golden chance of working with American companies via H1B. But if you don’t get the H1B visa, it does not mark the end of affairs. It won’t really destroy your job opportunity with a US company.

If you have a job with a US company and do not have an H1B visa, you can work on alternatives. These are smart choices you can make to keep the job until you get an H1B visa. These alternatives are helpful for candidates like you who want to work with US companies. Use them and keep your dream job until you can work from the USA.

Work remotely from Australia

This is a workable option as a lot of the jobs can be managed online. Talk to your employer in the US and learn if you can opt to work this way. Many employers do approve this and chalk out the plan to seamlessly get the job done. Though this will be a temporary solution, you can retain the job until the H1B visa is procured.

Many a time, the US firms themselves will retain skilled workers without H1B visa. They will attempt to provide the visa so that you can join them in the US.

Try to work from other countries

This is as good as, or a better option to work for the US employer. This is the way to go if your employer has offices in other locations on the globe. You will thus not miss your opportunity with the company. US firms are also using intra-company transfer work permits. This will enable them to have you working for them from a foreign base even without an H1B visa.

Try Green Card

Applying for an employment-based green card can be a good way to go for those who want to keep a US job. If you wish to stay long-term in the US, Green Card is a good option. It does not need labor certification. This can be cited to your US employer. A Green Card applicant may keep his/her job even while the application is pending approval. This is very favorable to the employer too.

Australians can try special work visas

Being from Australia, you can opt for the E-3 visa. This visa authorizes you to work in jobs that are like those covered by the H1B.

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