Best regional areas in central and western Australia

Best regional areas in central and western Australia

Central and Western Australia also has several beautiful regional areas which immigrants should consider living in. 

Here are some of the best regional areas in central and western Australia: 

Australian Capital Territory 

The ACT is the smallest state in Australia but is home to Australia’s capital city, Canberra. More than half of ACT has been preserved as nature reserves and national parks. 

The biggest employer in the ACT is the Commonwealth Government. Most of the workforce is concentrated in areas like public administration, service delivery and defence. 

Growing industries in the state are: 

  • Information Technology 
  • Trades 
  • Education 
  • Health 

South Australia 

The entire state of South Australia is considered as a regional area. Hence you can choose whether you want to live in the capital city of Adelaide or elsewhere. South Australia is home to the beautiful Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale. South Australia is also well-known for supporting startups and small businesses. 

The following industries are growing in South Australia: 

  • Food and Agribusiness 
  • Exports 
  • Education 
  • Defence 
  • Energy 


Tasmania is well-known for its world heritage sites with several of them listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A fifth of the entire area of the state is covered by the Western Tasmanian Wilderness National Parks. 

The entire state is deemed regional. Hence, you can choose to live anywhere you want. 

Growing industries in the state are: 

  • Agriculture 
  • Mining 
  • Fishing 
  • Aquaculture 
  • Forestry 
  • Tourism 
  • Defence 
  • Science 
  • Renewable Energy 

Northern Territory 

Northern Territory is one of the most culturally diverse places in Australia. People from over 100 nationalities live in Northern Territory. The state also has more than 50 cultural, social and religious organizations. 

The entire state of Northern Territory is deemed a regional area. 

The following are the key industries in Northern Territory: 

  • Mining 
  • Agribusiness 
  • Tourism 
  • Space 
  • Renewable Energy 

Western Australia 


There are oceans on both sides of Broome City. Broome is a city with immense scientific and historical importance. Sun Pictures, the oldest openair cinema, is also located in Broome. 

The key industries in Broome are: 

  • Mining 
  • Education 
  • Administration 
  • Transport 
  • Construction 


With its amazing Mediterranean climate, gorgeous coastlines and beach lifestyle, Geraldton attracts visitors from all over the globe. Snorkelling, fishing, diving, bird watching and photography are immensely popular here. 

Growing industries in the area are: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Construction 
  • Education 
  • Healthcare 

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