Avoid these mistakes on your Australia PR application

Every year thousands of people apply for Australian PR. However, not everyone is fortunate to get success and end up getting a visa rejection. Avoiding a few common mistakes can increase your chances of success on your Australia PR application. 

When applying for an Australia PR, avoid these mistakes: 

  • Do not provide inconsistent  information 

The information that you provide for your Australia PR application should be consistent on all the application forms. Immigration officials also check the consistency of the current information provided with any previous application. Any inconsistent information is treated with suspicion and the Australian Immigration Dept. is vigilant while analyzing information. Any inconsistency in your information, for example, a change in employment history, could end in visa rejection. 

  • Always provide all the supporting documents 

It is important to provide all the supporting documents to back up your employment and education history. You should make sure to provide all your certificates to support your educational qualifications. For your employment history, you should provide your offer letters, bank statements, tax receipts etc. You should also provide documents to support your personal information. For instance, if you are married, you should make sure to provide your marriage certificate. 

Some information may need you to provide more than just certificates. Immigration authorities verify some of your information through third parties. Make sure that you provide all the documents as mentioned in the document checklist. 

  • Conflicting information on social media 

With the Internet playing a massive role in our lives today, immigration authorities also check your information on social media. Conflicting information on social media and that on your visa application could make your visa application come under increased scrutiny. If the information on your marital status is not consistent on your social media and visa application, you may end up getting a rejection. 

  • Do not miss out on critical information 

An Australian PR application requires a lot of documents and evidence. Also, getting an Australian PR involves a long process which increases the probability of making mistakes. To avoid this, it is best to hire an Immigration Consultant. They can help you collect all the relevant documents and fill in various application forms without any errors. This will greatly increase your probability of getting a visa success. 

  • Be honest with your information 

You should be honest about any disputes with the law or any criminal convictions in your visa application. Sometimes, you may not have the information that is being asked. In such scenarios, it is always best, to be honest. Do not omit any information or try and fake any information. Immigration Officials have access to a database of information which they will use to cross-verify your information. Any inconsistent information and you could end up with a visa rejection. 

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