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Australia PR Visa

Australia is one of the most popular countries among immigrants. Australia boasts of a thriving economy which means that there are plenty of job opportunities available. 

It is possible to apply for an Australian Permanent Residence directly if you meet the eligibility criteria. The Australian PR process follows a points-based system. Applicants are awarded points on factors like age, education, work experience, English language skills etc. 

Eligibility requirements for an Australian PR 

To apply for an Australian PR you have to apply under the GSM (General Skilled Migration) Program. 

You can apply for a PR directly under the following visas: 

  • Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa 
  • Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa 

You must score minimum of 65 points to qualify for an Australian PR. 

Here is how the points are calculated for each category: 


 You get the most points (30 points) for age if you are between 25 and 32 years. 

Age  Points 
18-24 years  25 
25-32 years  30 
33-39 years  25 
40-44 years  15 


The upper age limit for applying for an Australia PR is 45 years. 

English Proficiency 

To apply for an Australian PR you must prove your English proficiency. To do the same you must take an English test which can be either IELTS, PTE or TOEFL.  

A score of 8 or equivalent on each module gets you the highest points ( 20 points). 

IELTS Band  Points 
6 on each module  0 
7 on each module  10 
8 on each module  20 


Work Experience 

There are separate points grid for work experience within Australia and outside. 

Work Experience outside Australia  Points 
Less than 3 years  0 
3 to 4 years  5 
5 to 7 years  10 
8 to 10 years  15 


Work Experience in Australia  Points 
Less than 1 year  0 
1 to 2 years  5 
3 to 4 years  10 
5 to 7 years  15 
8 to 10 years  20 



You may get points for your education if you have completed the same from an educational institution recognized by Australia. 

Qualification  Points 
PhD  20 
Bachelors or Masters  15 
Diploma   10 


If you have an award or qualification that is recognized by the relevant Skill Assessing Authority for your occupation, you may get 10 points. 

If you have completed your education from Australia, you get 5 extra points if you meet the Australian Study requirements. 

Also, if you have studied in a regional educational institution in Australia you get 5 points. 

Spouse points 

If you have a skilled spouse you may claim 5 points if she gets a positive Skill Assessment Report for her nominated occupation. Also, your spouse should be less than 45 years of age at the time of application. 

Upcoming changes in the points system from 16th November 2019 

With effect from 16th November, if your spouse has competent English, you may claim 5 points for the same. Currently, no points are granted for spouse’s English proficiency. 

Single applicants can get 10 points. 

If you have a skilled spouse or common-law partner, you may claim 10 points. 

Certain STEM qualifications will get you 10 points. 

15 points will be granted for nomination from a State/Territory in Australia or sponsorship from an eligible family member in Australia. 

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