Australia’s Subclass 190, Subclass 491 visa migration programs news

There’s a system of immigration quotas that jurisdictions of different regions of Australia receive each year. It’s on the basis of this that Australian states and territories issue nominations to skilled and business migrants. They come under the Subclass 190 (Skilled Nom­inated) visa and the Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional (Provisional)) visa.

Just like 2020, the Skilled Migration program in the current financial year will operate in response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The program will give emphasis on migrants capable of making investments in Australia, creating employment, offering skills in critical areas related to health and medicine, and supporting productivity in the economy.

Updates on the Skilled Migration program for the year 2021-2022

New South Wales

NSW received 3,640 places for Subclass 491 and 4,000 places for Subclass 190. This was a significant increase from the total recorded in 2021 which was 6,350 places.

NSW has now invited applications for Subclass 491. In accordance with the new process, the Australian state will choose and invite candidates to file applications to an RDA (Regional Development Australia) office. This will be done during a submission window and up to 7 days post the closing of a submission window.

In the current financial year, the submission windows are August, October, January, and March.

In this financial year, there are 3 nomination streams:

  1. The candidate is living and working in regional NSW
  2. The candidate has recently completed studies in regional NSW
  3. The candidate is skilled in a job in demand in regional NSW


Victoria received 4,000 places in all in 2021. Of these 500 were for Subclass 491 and 3,500 for Subclass 190. These numbers indicate a marginally higher number when compared to the previous program year.

In 2021, Victoria will focus on onshore applicants who are living and working in the state as of now. They are at work in one of the 7 target sectors that the state has designated on the basis of their STEMM skills.

The seven target sectors are:

  • medical research,
  • health,
  • life sciences,
  • agri-food,
  • digital,
  • emission reduction,
  • advanced manufacturing and new energy, and
  • circular economy.

Western Australia

The state of Western Australia has got 340 places for Subclass 491 and 1,100 places for Subclass 190.

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory received 600 more places than 2020 in 2021 for its skilled nomination program.

ACT’s skilled migration program is still closed to applicants offshore. This will continue to be so until Australia’s federal government reopens Australia’s international borders.

South Australia

The skilled nomination program of South Australia has got 2,600 places each for subclasses 491 and 190 and. This is 1,200 places in excess of 2020.


The number of places given to Queensland in 2021 is the same as that of 2020. 1,250 places were given for Subclass 491 and 1,000 places were given for Subclass 190.


Tasmania received 2,200 places for Subclass 491 and 1,100 places for Subclass 190. This was slightly higher than in 2020.

Tasmania will continue its assessment of applications for the Skilled Nom­inated visa in the Skilled Migration program year 2021. These assessments will be done for those applications that weren’t finalized by June 30, 2021.

Assessment will also be done for Subclass 491 visa applications filed before March 20, 2021, which weren’t finalized in the financial year 2020.

Tasmania opened its nomination program for 2021-22 on August 4, 2021.

Northern Territory

This Australian jurisdiction has the smallest skilled nominated program. This region was allocated 1,000 places in all. 500 each went to Subclass 491 and Subclass 190. This was no different from the previous year.

NT program is not open to overseas applicants. But all existing applications are sure to be assessed.

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