Are Australian visa changes addressing the skill shortage?

Australian Skilled Visa

There have been two positive signals in recent times that the Australian Govt. is recognizing the impact skilled visas have on certain industries. 

First, the Australian Govt. has decided to overhaul the Skilled Occupation Lists. Second, the Global Talent Employer-Sponsored Visa Program has become a permanent affair. Both these initiatives are robust steps towards Australia’s future. 

However, the above changes do not address short-term skill challenges. Nor do they make hiring techies, one of the most in-demand professions, any easier. 

SiteMinder, an Engineering company, has been one of the biggest success stories of Australia. The company depended heavily on the Temporary Skill Shortage visa to bring in the necessary skills. 

However, the process of the TSS Visa is long and tiresome. Plus, the costs involved has gone up dramatically in recent times. It now costs almost 162% more per individual than it did before. The exorbitant costs often prohibit local businesses to access this visa, as quoted by Financial Review. 

Australia has also tightened the visa rules. Certain roles do not qualify under the new roles even though there is a huge demand in the country for them. 

Also, not all skilled visas in Australia have a pathway to Permanent Residency. This creates a major increase in employee turnover incurring heavy costs in relocating skilled professionals. The short duration of these visas means that just as someone starts making a meaningful impact, the person might be forced to leave the company. 

The Digital Pulse report of the Australian Computer Society says that Australia needs 100,000 more workers in the tech sector by 2024. 

What Australia urgently needs is a radical mindset change towards skilled migration, especially in the tech sector. Australia should adopt a more holistic approach which will help potential candidates build a future in the country. This will positively impact the country’s ability to compete at an international level. Needless to say, the positive impact on the economy and the people would be immense. 

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